Keurig Mini Vs Mini Plus

At first, it isn’t easy to see much difference between the two Keurig coffee machines, which is where this article comes in. We’ll examine in detail what separates one from the other to help you decide which is the best coffee maker for your needs. We’ll also offer a brief comparison between the K-Mini Plus and another Keurig in the same price category, the K-Slim. Such is the case with the and the Keurig K-Mini Plus.

Keurig K-Mini

No, neither Keurig’s k slim or k mini have a water filter. You can easily get around this by filling the water reservoir in the k-slim or k mini with filtered water from a bottle or from your home filter. For a little more functionality, the K-Slim is ideal for your needs but it’s important to note that the k-slim is a little bigger. If you wanted the smallest coffee maker possible that is still able to make a great cup, the k mini is fantastic.

You can also clean it separately, without worrying about damaging any internal parts with water. The drip tray is removable, and the machine’s simple enough to clean quickly. Overall, this model’s cleaning needs are very reasonable. With more than 2,900 reviews, Bed Bath & Beyond shoppers rate it 4.1 stars, with the majority saying they would recommend the machine to others (and some reporting they already have!). Calling it sleek and slim, buyers report using it everywhere from an RV to the office. One happy customer says it’s even easy enough for her grandkids to use to make their own hot chocolate.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty specifics of this review, we’ll go through a few of the pros and cons of this coffee machine. Basically I have to pull the new models out from under the cabinet to put water in them whereas the older K15 model didn’t have to be moved for me to use it. Other than these three points Cuisinart Coffee the two units are identical. Most importantly the inner workings of the two machines are 100% identical so they should have the same expected lifespan and should make the same exact tasting coffees. For me the storage compartment is annoying but I know full well a lot of people will like this added perk.

You put your coffee on, and it sounds like somebody is taking a pile driver to the kitchen counter. The Cuisinart Coffee is surprisingly, reassuringly quiet. This is perfect if you’re an early riser who lives with others – you can have your morning brew without waking everyone else in the building.

The K Mini and K Slim impress with a very fast brewing time. The K Mini and K Slim are less than 5 inches wide making them perfect for use in small places. The Bosch Tassimo T55 is another single-serve coffee maker that uses T-discs instead of K-Cups. While K-Cups are more prevalent and easier to find, the cost of the two is comparable. You can keep your machine in good working condition by cleaning it regularly.

Same great taste as brewed coffee but quicker and cheaper! Keurig Mini’s Reusable Filters are the best choice for a productive morning. And it has a removable drip tray that makes it big enough for travel mugs up to 7.0” tall.