Schwinn Meridian 26″ Specialty Bike

Schwinn’s sturdy adult tricycles give riders plenty of stability and come with cargo baskets, making them ideal for a trip to the store or farmers’ market. Schwinn Meridian Schwinn Meridian offers a 1.7-inch aluminum frame, which makes the tricycle lightweight and comfortable. The tricycle weighs 70 pounds of weight because the frame is made of aluminum. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to achieve the speed you want with less effort. Furthermore, the trike comes with a frame made of tough and durable aluminum, which means you will get more durability from your trike.

Schwinn Meridian

Finally, on the second day after the first 2-mile bike trip, the secondary or rear drive chain slipped off the wheel drive sprocket. That required an almost complete tear down to readjust the connection between the front and back frames, and to really make bolts as tight as possible. The first time we fabricated the trike, the bolts weren’t tight enough. I hope that solves that issue but I keep hearing a clicking sound with I pedal the trike. It is definitely one of the larger adult tricycles, and has no folding option, so keep that in mind when making a buying decision. It’s not likely to fit into any standard size car if you need to drive to wherever you’re planning to ride.

The best way to figure out if the 26” is right for you, try out say a 24” and then the 26” at a bike shop. Based on comfort and ease of getting on and off you should be able to figure out if the 26” works for you. It isn’t impossible to assemble this trike yourself, but you might need help if you are not particularly a do-it-yourself sort of person. You could always pay a little extra to have it assembled for you at a bicycle shop.

In addition, the slim step-through makes it quite easy to take it onto and off. This is a really fine adult tricycle and has a nice combination of comfort and safety for most riders. The Schwinn Meridian will last a long time, won’t need constant maintenance, and will give you a comfortable ride. Second, there is an adjustment period to riding a tricycle. There are some habits you might have from bike riding that don’t really translate to trike riding.

You may need a small 10 mm wrench to loosen them; if you use just a Philips screwdriver, you might end up stripping the bolt head to loosen the tight ones. After we install the rear fenders, we could hear the tires scraping on them. The trike features 26” wheels, which are some of the biggest right now in the tricycle market. The larger wheels also offer stability both during standing times and when riding.

The thick brake pads provide the trike’s braking power. They have situated on the opposite part of the wheel in front and the rear wheel on the left. They are located on the side of the handlebars to allow you to stop the trike without much effort when riding. Its Schwinn Meridian trike is equipped with an ergonomically created seat.

The frame’s step-through design allows users to hop on and off with ease. Sandwiched between the rear wheels is a rather large cargo basket. Compared to all its features, the basket is the most useful.

Apart from the weight, I guess you are okay to accommodate the tricycle. As per official guidelines, it’s recommended up to 5’10” tall users. For 6’4″ user, this tricycle may not be a good option.

My feet would contact the ground; my toes would rub up against the fronts of my shoes which hurts but stops my body. I’ve gone over the bars on a two wheel ten speed, but that was in the 80’s. Riding within ones limits can reduce the risk of “over-the-bar” effect in all conditions. It doesn’t make much difference which trike you ride.

In addition, it has a slight rise on its front to boost your stability, which is essential when you are overweight. Speaking of tires, I’m not certain my rear rims are made for the 2.125 tires they came with, nor the ones I purchased. The sissy bars still have to be permanently mounted at the shocks. I haven’t had the opportunity to put weight on the trike; but figured I’ll be seated over the rear axle, so most of my weight will be out back.