GreenWorks Pro 80V GLM801601 Review

Allowing people to get their work done earlier and “take their weekends back”. You can adjust your speed using the dial located right in the middle of the handle controls. The slider is stiff enough that it doesn’t drift or move unless you specifically make an adjustment.

greenworks pro

That said, it lacks the onboard controls and Wi-Fi connectivity that you get with our Editors’ Choice winner, the $999 Worx Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower . I got a greenworks pro 60 volt, 16 inch battery powered chainsaw. This chainsaw and yellow pine were meant for each other. With one charge I can cut 4 pine trees with an 8 inch diameter, 5 cuts in the trunk and limbs off, plus about 10 pines smaller that 3 inch trunks. I’ll cut until the battery is dead and use the logs for garden beds and burn or compost the rest. Let it cool for half an hour and an hour or two to charge.

I used the Greenworks 60V PRO to cut up two medium size Maple trees in my yard. The 16″ bar combined with the brushless motor made quick work cutting up both trees. This saw actually cuts a bit quicker than some of the other saws I’ve used.

Release the start handles and self-propel levers to turn off the headlight. Release either set of start handle and drive lever from the same side. Always remove the safety key and battery pack after you complete the work. The machine can be set to different cutting heights.

The greenworks pro 80v comes with two li-ion batteries, but you can also opt to buy the mower alone or with just one battery. I’m sure the industry is heading toward battery operated tools for the future. While mowing, I noticed a bothersome trait while using self-propelled. If you need to back up, you have to wait for a second or two fully stopped before self-propelled mode will turn itself off. Otherwise, the wheels lock up and you find yourself having to drag the mower backward. I’m impatient, so giving the mower that extra second or two is something I am still dealing with.

This is about all the power you will need for small-to-medium sized jobs around the yard. We love that the bar & chain oil tank is oriented in an upright position with the cap on top. Most old-school chainsaws have the cap located horizontally near the bottom of the saw which makes it fairly awkward to fill and deal with. The tool-free chain tensioning system on this model is very elementary and requires little to no practice or training. Lastly, we are always fans of metal bucking spikes. This element aids immeasurable aids in cutting compared to plastic spikes or a complete lack of spikes.

The partnership includes the launch of new, exclusive Porter-Cable cordless products in 2022. Tractor Supply began offering Greenworks Pro 60V products online earlier this year and said it is excited to announce the official in-store availability. Greenworks zero-turn mowers are part of the new mix at Tractor Supply stores. A six-pack of high-capacity removable 8Ah batteries. Part of the 60V UltraPower system to power 75+ tools – Maximum power that never fades. The felt vibration is very low in Greenworks 60V PRO and results in less user fatigue.

This model has a 21″ cutting width and weighs in at 74.1 pounds, which surprisingly makes it very easy to push and maneuverable around borders and other objects. In our analysis of 120 expert reviews, the Self-Propelled Cordless Mower, 21-In placed 2nd when we looked at the top 23 products in the category. The Greenworks 80V 21” mower has a nice steel deck, making it highly durable and long-lasting. Unfortunately, the EGO+ 56V 21-in mower has a plastic deck.

With it’s dual counter spinning blade design it performs extremely well at mulching and lifting to the bag attachment, and it’s self-propelled rear wheels it will practically pull you across your lawn. I would recommend you buy this mower if you are looking to invest in a product that should Ego Powerload String last a long time and operates on a solid battery platform with plenty more to offer. The two batteries, when they are fully charged, last up to 60 minutes each. The included charger only charges one battery at a time, but each battery only takes about 30 minutes to fully charge.

One odd thing we noticed while cutting was that you can’t instantly roll backward when needed. You first have to push the mower forward a little bit to disengage the drive. This can be frustrating when you need to do this rapidly over and over again in corners and near obstructions. We first cut a large area of grass at the mower’s maximum height of 4-inches. Then, we dropped the deck all the way down to 1 3/8-inches to see if it would cut. Typically, when finding the minimum effective cut height, we have to raise the deck a couple of notches.