Ozark Trail 10 Person Modified Dome Tent with Screen Porch

Tent brands usually make the same decisions across all their tents. They form the corners the same way and attach everything the same way, too. If they get it right with one tent, it’s likely all of their tents have great weather protection. Similar to easy setup, some tent brands are just flat out better at weather protection than others. The best part of this camping tent is that the three rooms make sense.

Admittedly, Ozark Trail tents don’t offer high-end features for 4-season use as those from top brands like MSR or Nemo. But the affordable price tag makes them a value for money choice. There’s a rainfly with taped seams for enhanced water resistance. Another plus is the instant setup with the pre-attached poles. In real-world scenarios, users took more than 10 minutes to set it up for the first time. Well, this tent comes with specially designed dark materials and panels that block sunlight from entering the interiors.

ozark trail 10 person tent

When you’re out with your friends or on a family camping trip, you need a tent that offers plenty of room. Larger tents will allow you to set up queen-sized mattresses and extra chairs. For glamping, it’s best to choose some extra space that offers the best comfort. Our coleman 6 person tent top product, the 14 person cabin tent, comes with 4 spacious rooms and a liberal central height. You also get a simple setup, excellent ventilation with 12 windows, and a mesh roof for enjoying the views. We had no qualms about marking it as the best of the lot.

Avoid harsh cleansers that will strip away the waterproof coating and may cause the tent to become leaky. This can often be a big determining factor for many campers. Setting your budget before shopping will help to greatly narrow down your options. The bottom of the front door zipper broke on the first day of camping. Also, the zipper constantly caught on the overlapping zipper cover as it was being opened and closed. We bought the tent at Walmart because we decided that our old tent was too small.

An electrical port can be used to bring in electricity, which can be a godsend when you are camping with a lot of people and need some time out to play on your phone or tablet. With a strong emphasis on function, not only will you get multiple room capabilities and a large entry door, but Ozark also ensures this tent has a lot of ventilation options. Using a low to high venting system, low vents can be guyed out to bring clean air into the tent, while the mesh ceiling and windows help to move it out.

The poles are made of fiberglass and have hardware that is either aluminum or stainless steel. It does a good job of keeping you dry on a light shower but when exposed to heavy rain it actually does leak. It would be fair to say that this tent is water-resistant instead.

When it comes to hot weather, Ozark Trail does not fail with ventilation. Most of the tents feature large windows and mesh ceilings that enable you to create a cross-wind—ideal for summer use. The materials used—usually polyester—is generally reliable and can withstand both wind and tugging. The rainfly, that most tents include, is waterproof and keeps the inside dry on rainy days. The brand promises tents with lots of space, ample ventilation, easy assembly, and lots of storage options. However, it’s important not to set your expectations too high.

On top of that, we were very happy to see that, despite its 6-person capacity, this tent features hanging roof storage, a media pocket, and an E-port – someone grabs the popcorn. Because of the straight walls, you get this huge interior space that feels massive coleman 6 person tent compared to a Dome shaped tent that curves inwards towards the centre, losing precious head height. For this reason Cabin tents are top of the list for families, tall ceilings allow for lights, fans and lanterns to be hung without fear of tent poles bending.

Set up the two included room dividers to further help to keep things organized—or for a little more privacy. If you like an organized space, place small items in the interior pockets or attach things to the gear loft. There’s also a media pocket to fix a tablet or iPad and ePort access for movie nights. If you’re also looking for a tent that can be used for gatherings—this one has electrical cord access as well as vents for an air conditioner. This will help to make the tent more comfortable during the warmer days of the year. If you require a large tent to accommodate the entire family when camping, this three-room tent is it.