Best Portable Grill of 2022 Tested by GearLab

The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill L410 was a longtime favorite of Wirecutter senior staff writer Lesley Stockton for its intense heat. The new design, the Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Pro Grill, maintains the all-cast-iron build, but it features a new manual sliding ventilation mechanism. We haven’t tested this new version, but in her experience with the previous Lodge, Lesley found that the hibachi-style grill excelled at high-heat searing, making it ideal for steaks. Since the whole grill was cast iron, it held an intense amount of heat. But the lidless design limited its ability to tackle slow-cooking tasks. With 189 square inches of grilling area (17 by 12½ inches), the Weber Q 1200 has enough space to grill a full dinner for two or the main course for a small gathering.

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When on these excursions, we took into account things like overall size, weight, construction materials, and availability of wheels, stands, or lid latches. We also evaluated how secure or not secure they were, noisiness during transport, and cleanliness on the ride home. The George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor 15+ may offer a huge grilling surface, but can only be operated on a single heat-setting. Notice that while the onions were just beginning to nicely char, our burgers were over-browning to a crisp.

The Kudu has its roots in South African design for open fire grilling. The standard model features a cast-iron vessel at the base on which to build and manipulate the fire, allowing for the creation of hot or cool zones for offset cooking. Two pole-mounted racks hang above weber charcoal grill the fire pit, one for grilling and one ostensibly for holding pots or pans but can be manipulated for other purposes. The elevation bars for the racks provide both vertical and horizontal positioning to move them closer or further from the direct heat of the fire.

We found that this Weber model is capable of grilling six large burger patties, a whole cut-up chicken, or 10 bratwurst links at a time. And the single-tube 8,500 Btu burner runs along three edges for better heat distribution, so all of that space is usable. Charcoal grills give food a distinct smoky flavor that so many people love, which is why the Weber Smokey weber q Joe Portable Grill is such a popular product. This compact grill is basically a miniature version of Weber’s cult-favorite charcoal grill, and it’s the perfect cooking device to take on the road with you. From lightweight grills that are ideal for camping to larger models perfect for a tailgate, we list our picks for the best portable grills to help you decide.

In spring 2017, Tim and Wirecutter writers Lesley Stockton and Michael Sullivan spent over 40 hours testing full-size gas and charcoal grills, as well asgrill accessories. With all this knowledge in hand, Lesley and Tim spent 16 hours, over the course of two days, testing nine portable grills. You’ll want to decide on a fuel type and think about where exactly you will be toting the grill before making your purchase.

Two clips in the front hold the whole unit tightly together, and you can effortlessly carry the whole thing with one hand . Weighing over 40 pounds , the Weber Q 2200 stretches the meaning of “portable” to its limits. However, the Q 2200 is still an excellent grill for small backyard spaces.

Many HOA or other property regulations prohibit the use of open flame grills which can cause dangerous flare-ups and spread to other units on the property. Portable charcoal and gas grills are both open-flame cooking methods. Most are designed for use on a tabletop, though some have foldout legs so the grill can rest above the ground. Nevertheless, once we sorted out how to strategically set the charcoal, we could reliably create an indirect heat zone. Venture to new places this summer and relax with a freshly grilled meal thanks to this portable gas grill by Cuisinart. Otherwise, carry it to the park to grill some hotdogs this Fourth of July weekend.

Because of the grill’s small leg footprint and light weight, users should be cautious while flipping burgers and encountering subsequent resistance; we feared the grill might overturn. After assembling the grill, which took about 20 minutes, we loaded it up. The nice thing about the Smokey Joe is that it doesn’t require a huge amount of charcoal—it only took about 20 briquettes to fill it up.

We give the Jumbo Joe points for having an ash catcher, even though it’s just a flimsy aluminum pan. But at least there’s a barrier to keep hot embers from falling on your patio or deck. The Char-Broil Grill2Go can handle up to six large burger patties at a time without crowding. Charcoal is smokier than gas, a possible issue for smaller, fenced-in spaces.