Braun Series 5 50-B1200s Electric Shaver for Men with Precision Trimmer Blue

However, most users won’t have that possibility and they’ll have to clean the shaver manually. The 3 cutting elements also don’t protrude as much and while they do move independently, the range of motion is quite short and the movement is a bit jerky. Secondly, the head of the 5018s is fixed, so you’ll have to work a bit more in order to maintain the foils flat on the skin. I had to switch to the beard trimmer and cut them — this is when I also missed having an integrated trimmer that I could just extend and use. First of all, I had to use even slower strokes to avoid hairs getting pulled. On a short beard, it wasn’t usually a problem, but in this situation more attention was needed.

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Alternatively, you can also throw in your method — using the Jet Clean solution which is detergent-based and should work really well. It also has lubricating properties, but unless you’ll be using it after every shave, I think you’ll still have to oil the shaver yourself once or twice a week. You can read my complete guide to lubricating your electric shaver for more details.

Braun Series 5

The 73b was just a bit too grabby and harsh. The closeness was about the same when fitted to the Series 5 . If you plan on shaving less often or have a coarser beard, I think you’ll be happier with this one. While definitely more expensive than the 5018s, the 5140s is a better shaver in every way.

With this shaver head, you can achieve a very close shave and less skipped hair while shaving. Since you’re switching from a manual razor, you will likely Remington Shaver need at least a couple of weeks to start getting good results. The first few shaves probably won’t go as smooth as you’d like, but just keep at it.

This is somewhat surprising since the old Series 5 had a flexible shaving head that worked really well in my experience. It took a good 2 minutes before I was confident I had cleaned the shaver. And even then I could make out some small dots of hair clippings here and there. Daily shaving will prevent hairs that grow in different directions from growing too long. While the shaver mowed these down when they were a fin stubble, once they grew they were the often missed, most noticeably on the neck and under the chin. The battery charge remaining can be seen with a quick glance of the screen.

One particular area I did have problems with where the hairs right under the bridge of my nose. It took some maneuvering but I was eventually able to slay these odd looking hairs. The first thing you will notice when you turn the shaver on is the vibration of the shaver body. Annoyingly strong to the point that if you have ticklish hands then this shaver will send you into fits of giggles. As you are no doubt aware, you face isn’t exactly flat. This is where the pivoting shaving unit comes in.

Much simpler than plugging and unplugging the charging cord from your shaver. The foil shaver and blades for this shaver are very different from regular rotary shavers as they feature SensoFoil blades. The design is a bit unique, which has 2 SensoFoil Blades and sandwich a trimmer in between. If you compare the blades with Braun Series s, you can see the design and mechanism of the blades are the same. Thus, you can use the exact shaver head replacement Remington Shaver 53B, which you can purchase online.