Braun Series 5-5018s Men’s Rechargeable Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver : Target

Our face contour makes it difficult for you to get even shaving and avoid unshaved hard-reach-area such as below the neck and jawline. A flexible head will become handy to make sure that you can shave evenly and adequately without pulling and skin irritation even at hard-reach-area. The blades are also designed with a spring-loaded mechanism which helps to stay on the skin at all times while shaving. Spring-loaded blades will follow your face contours and shave evenly. Each cleaning program consists of several cycles, where cleaning fluid is flushed through the shaver head. Depending on your Clean&Charge Station model and/or program selected, the cleaning time takes up to 3 minutes.

Simply enter the purchase amount, select the desired period, then calculate. We try our best to make the image match the product we have in stock. In rare cases, the packaging may be updated by the brand without warning, or the language might differ from the one you see presented. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. This item is cordless for ease of use and convenience. I actually found the 53b to be a bit more comfortable.

There is no doubt that the Series 5 is in a whole other league compared to shaving with the series 3. But if you are feeling frugal or are in circumstances where you have to count every penny then there are websites Braun Series 5 dedicated to making your own cleaning solution. Overall I am pretty impressed with the shaving experience and would highly recommend, as long as you can get over the fact it feels like a jackhammer in your hand.

Many shavers have the trimmer attached to the body that releases for use which can be very useful, requiring no removal of the blade head. However, if you do Braun Series 5 not require a trimmer then you’ll be pleased it’s not attached. Bottom Line – A surprisingly close shave that performs well daily or every two-three days.

One of the reasons for this is of course the less powerful motor which also contributes to a lengthier shaving session. It is one of the quietest Braun models I’ve used so far, on par with the Series 9 in this regard. For some light grooming like the situations mentioned above, it is not ideal.

Braun Series 5

The status is shown by the cleaning program indicators in the C&C display . The shaver should be cleaned after each foam usage. To change position, move the shaver head with your thumb and forefinger back or forth.