Beats Flex review: cheap wireless earbuds to use with iPhone

There is a good amount of focus in the mids around 1000 Hz. A conquered continuing from the bass range to the low mid can be found. These earphones beats solo pro wireless utilize a dual-chamber acoustic design and a layered driver to attain outstanding stereo separation with rich and precise bass response.

This means that the volume controls, the large battery unit and the multi-feature button sit neatly on your chest. Another advantage is that they don’t get tangled up if you stuff them in your pocket. The cable between the earphones makes them a bit more noticeable while wearing, compared to something like AirPods. It results in a brief second where audio is playing while the earphones aren’t in your ear, but it’s a very workable solution.

The new Beats Flex rock out of the gate at just £49, a significantly lower entry point and makes them a really affordable set of wireless earphones. I half wondered if Apple mistakenly underpriced these when I saw the price, or perhaps had compromised them to get a lower price, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it isn’t the case. I’ve yet to see another pair of earphones at the price point that offers such a balance of features and respectable audio. I’ve been using the Flex for close to a week now for a couple of hours each day, listening to jams while I work out and podcasts while on long walks or watering the lawn. I just hit the 20% mark, which mean the Flex can easily last a week on a charge.

Beats Flex are a good pair of headphones and a decent choice if you’re picking up an iPhone 12 and don’t want to spend more on AirPods. The smarts that come from the W1 chip are great to have at this price, and the sound quality is ok, if a bit flat. Beats Flex is a good pair of headphones and a decent choice if you’re picking up an iPhone 12 and don’t want to spend more on AirPods.

For some people it is more comfortable than in-ear form. The first number of the IP rating refers to protection against dust, while the second number refers to protection against liquid. E.g. a first number of 6 denotes that it is completely dustproof, and a second number of 7 denotes that the device can withstand full immersion in water. Would it be nice to get a more secure fit using in-ear fins for running? But that’s the only real complaint we have with the Beats Flex. And it’s a minor one considering you could spend a little more elsewhere in the range for such a fit.

beats flex review

The Beats Flex are well-built with durable materials and connections. They come with a one-year warranty from Apple, which can be extended with an optional AppleCare purchase. Switching to USB-C makes a lot of sense if you’re going after the Android community as Apple seems to be doing with the Flex, but its choice of how to do that is perplexing. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Although Beats hasn’t said it to us directly, the Beats Flex seems to be a direct sequel to the older BeatsX Headphones that the brand released in 2016.

Beats earbuds manage to pass the second brick wall and continue playing music for up to 65 feet . One thing worth noting is that the neckband produces some cable noise. Thankfully, it isn’t obnoxiously loud, so you get used to it quickly. On the other hand, mics use overly aggressive noise cancellation for reducing background noise during phone calls. It can occasionally muffle your voice to the point where you don’t understand the words anymore. Magnets that hold earbuds together can also pose a minor cosmetic problem.

You even get audio sharing so you can share your music with someone else using Apple-powered earbuds. If you’re an Android user then these are simple budget wireless earbuds that will play your music. They have a beats solo pro wireless couple of nifty features like automatically pausing the music when you take them out or answering a call when you detach them. Sitting nicely on my collar bone, the in-line controls were well-positioned to use.