Braun Electric Razor for Men, Series 5 5050cs Electric Foil Shaver with Precision Beard Trimmer, Body Groomer, Rechargeable, Wet & Dry with EasyClean and Charging Stand

The 5018s is a decent, but quite basic electric shaver and it’s a pretty good choice for a first electric shaver. As long as you don’t have particularly difficult facial hair and you don’t need the closest shave, it should be good enough. I’m a fan of how thorough the brand is in terms of foil shavers and the cleaning.

Afterwards rinse it properly and tap it out. Once dry apply a drop of light machine oil on the foil. Shaver head is regularly cleaned with water but not lubricated. Foil and cutter are worn which requires more power for each shave. Hold the C&C with one hand and tilt the shaver slightly to the front to release it. After completing the cleaning and charging procedure, all indicators turn off.

Move the shaver head back and forth with your thumb and forefinger to alter the position. For me, I’d not compromise on comfort for the end of the world. Be as it may with a slower and noisier motor… the 5190cc is the ideal machine that suits my liking.

One of the reasons for this is of course the less powerful motor which also contributes to a lengthier shaving session. It is one of the quietest Braun models I’ve used so far, on par with the Series 9 in this regard. For some light grooming like the situations mentioned above, it is not ideal.

Braun Series 5

This men’s electric razor is 100% waterproof for wet and dry use. Easy Clean electric shaver kit for men makes shaving easy with 3 Flexible Blades that adapt to your facial contours. The Easy Clean system delivers a fast and easy cleaning without removing the shaver head. The Li-Ion Battery provides up to 3 weeks of shaving and a 5 min quick charge. This men’s electric razor is 100% waterproof for wet & wry use. Beard Trimmer and Stubble Beard Trimmer attachments included.

Can the Series 5 hold up as we explore everything it has to offer in our detailed review? Designed to shave dry, with foam, gel and in the shower. The new ergonomic handle enables an effortless shave with simple, one way movement.

Braun Series 5 shavers utilize a long-lasting Li-ion battery that helps you enjoy its effortlessly close shave. For a shave, the electric shaver needs only five minutes of quick charge. Full charging will provide enough power for three weeks of shaving. They are suitable for dry shaving and shave with foam, gel, and in the shower. With the trimmer attachments, the Series 5 shavers also help you trim your mustache and sideburn to help you have a complete grooming tool.

Our face contour makes it difficult for you to get even shaving and avoid unshaved hard-reach-area such as below the neck and jawline. A flexible head will become handy to make sure that you can shave evenly and adequately without pulling and skin irritation even at hard-reach-area. The blades are also designed with a spring-loaded mechanism which helps to stay on the skin at all times while shaving. Spring-loaded blades will follow your face contours and shave evenly. Each cleaning program consists of several cycles, where cleaning fluid is flushed through the shaver head. Depending on your Clean&Charge Station model and/or program selected, the cleaning time takes up to 3 minutes.

As with any other cleaning docks, you’ll have an alcohol-based solvent that cleanses the machine. All you have to do is press the on/off Philips Norelco Shaver button. The level of sharpness isn’t wasted on the blades. People can shave as close as within .058mm distance from their skins.