The 3 Best Portable Grills of 2022 Reviews by Wirecutter

It had the same solid construction, the same easy-to-work-with grates, and it even had a chimney vent on top that provided excellent temperature control. The charcoal basket was on adjustable hooks, so I could bring it closer or further from the grates depending on how hot I wanted them. It performed just as well in the indirect cooking test as the Nomad. But the things that made the Rambler a great grill are also the things that made it harder to move. Carrying it two blocks was not impossible but it required more exertion than any of the other charcoal grills. It also required more assembly of the wrench and screwdriver type, though it still only took about 30 minutes.

This larger version of our pick offers more cooking area and higher heat output. Note, that you should remove as much grease as possible before burying the grill. Some folks mentioned having trouble with assembly and misaligned parts in verified purchase reviews. I did not experience this, and portable bbq the model came together in less than 30 minutes. It was not the easiest of them all to assemble but not so complicated as to dissuade you from buying it and, once assembled, felt compact and sturdy to the touch. Surely you’ve seen — and possibly owned — one of these little guys in the past.

Our burger turned out juicy with plenty of charcoal-infused flavor. That alone makes the Cuisinart a great ultra-light, budget-priced grill, despite weber q its shortcomings, of which there are a few. Setting up the Davy Crockett took more time than a standard portable grill but still wasn’t difficult.

The heat distribution of the Char-Broil 240 grill is not particularly even, likely because the distribution cap does not extend to the farthest reaches at either the front or back. We spent over 85 hours researching and testing—and selected our favorite tools and gadgets from past guides—to bring you the best gear for picnics and cookouts. Before putting the grill away for the season, give the inside a good scrubbing with lots of hot soapy water and rinse well. That way you won’t run the risk of the trap overflowing and staining your patio or deck. Weber’s segmented warranty covers the bowl and lid for 10 years, the “one-touch cleaning system” and plastic components for five years, and all other parts for two years.

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Bushcraft Grill with Canvas Carrying Case, Portable, Easy to Carry. The GoBQ grill is a great option for traveling, tailgating, or even for folks with small apartments, given its weber q ease of packing, stowing, and carrying. Made of silicone-coated fiberglass fabric with a collapsible metal frame, it can withstand temperatures up to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

But when the firebox got hot, the side vents that regulated airflow stuck in place, rendering us powerless when it came to heat control—critical for slow-cooking things like chicken and sausages. Despite its 12,000 Btu output, it ran the coldest of all the propane portables we tested, yielding pallid burgers and flabby, undercooked chicken. The Weber Q series may be the best of the portable grills we’ve tested, but they also cost the most. But Weber’s warranty covers most of the unit for five years, so we think the price is justified. Cook juicy and delicious food every time with the convenience of our gas grills.