10 Best Portable Grills 2022: Charcoal, Propane, Electric and More

If you wind up wanting to use a larger tank, you can purchase an adapter with a Type 1 connector for a 20-pound refillable propane tank. Full sized grilling capabilities in a portable package – weber genesis 2 cook anything from roasts to burgers. What makes this grill special is that the telescoping VersaStand holds the grill at ideal cooking height, yet shrinks down for easy transport and storage.

When closed, this portable grill is easy to carry one-handed thanks to a soft, grippable handle. When opened it has 212 square inches of cooking space—that’s enough for a whole chicken with room to spare, a rack of ribs, or close to a dozen turkey burgers. And the design of the grill surface—made of small hexagons instead of slim bars—is incredibly effective at keeping food from sliding down into the coals. Flipping and turning food on the Nomad was easier than on some grills I’ve used that had twice the space to maneuver.

While the Grill2Go comes with a special scraper, it was still a chore to get the grate clean. The Davy Crockett is a smart smoker, connecting to an app that allowed us to monitor the meat’s temperature, access pre-programmed cooking profiles, and control the grill temperature from afar. While the app was certainly useful for monitoring cooking, we had to reconnect it to the grill every time the smartphone went to sleep, which made it useless for receiving alerts. At one point, it simply refused to connect at all, forcing us to abandon the app controls.

The George Foreman comes with a dome-shaped lid, which we used when we roasted our kabobs. The vent problem was minor given that we could fine-tune the temperature with a turn of the control knob, which allowed us to produce juicy chicken and evenly cooked veggies. Cleaning the Jumbo Joe, as with cleaning the smaller version, is pretty straightforward; simply remove the grates and flip the entire grill over to dump the ash and charcoal bits into a trash can. While this is decidedly low tech, it’s easy enough, though we ended up creating a cloud of charcoal dust every time. A portable grill should be manageable to move, and the Q1200 is.

This design allowed us to create three possible heat zones, which is impossible to do on most other portable grills. This capability allowed us to grill a burger at sear temperatures on one side while cooking our chicken and vegetable kabobs at a lower temperature on the other side. The Coleman roasted well portable bbq with the lid closed, although we found the lid’s latch a bit hard to operate. Portable gas grills that work with natural gas operate similarly to propane units, but the gas nozzles that control the fuel are different. They’re efficient, easy to light, and controlling the temperature is almost intuitive.

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The Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill offers the same high-quality build and stellar grilling performance as our top pick, the Weber Q 1200, but with a 48% bigger grilling grate and 41% higher Btu output. However, this 40-pound portable grill isn’t lightweight by any stretch of the imagination. Kenyon City Grill ($695) If you don’t have a yard but want something a bit closer to grilling than the George Foreman above, then the Kenyon City Grill is a great option.

Whether you want to slow cook ribs, fire up some burgers — or both — you can do it on a Traeger with the flip of a switch. Most portable charcoal grills have a very small cooking area, so they are only good for direct grilling of items like steak or burgers. To do any smoking, you’d need a 2-zone fire with the briquettes on one side and food on the other.

With 276 square inches of cooking surface and two burners, it has more capacity than most portable grills. We liked the consistent heating and thoughtful features on the Q1200. At 189 square inches, the Q1200’s cooking surface isn’t the largest, but it is certainly above average. If you prefer that smoky charcoal flavor, weber q the lightweight Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18″ matches the searing and grilling abilities of a full-size kettle. In our tests, the well-placed vents in both the lid and the firebox provided precise temperature control that no other portable charcoal grill we tried—including two other Webers—could match.

This well-built barbeque is an innovative take on the manufacturer’s classic design, incorporating their enameled, cast-iron construction into a convenient, compact package. The rectangular basin can hold a coal bed that is both deep and evenly spread. Over the past 6 years, our experts have bought 22+ portable grills to test side-by-side. This updated review highlights 12 of the best to help you cook up delicious meals, even while on the road. We design objective tests to evaluate important features such as output power, and then back up those assessments with real-world cooking experience. We’ve tested these grills at tailgate parties, backyard BBQs, picnics, and camping trips, making hundreds of meals to date.