Beats Flex review: The cost of $50 wireless earbuds

JLab’s Epic Air ANC, for instance, can get eight hours of life with ANC on and a huge 12 hours with it off. And that’s before you take into consideration the extra juice in their charging case. Thankfully like the more recent Beats earphones beats flex review and headphones, the Bass isn’t overpowering and you can get a nice, decent balance but still can feel that Bass. However, the Flex isn’t able to deliver that nice, punchy ‘oomph’ compared to the other Beats earphones I’ve tried.

beats flex review

The Flex are the first Apple headphones that have USB-C charging. You will be pleased to know that they deliver higher playtimes than the popular models in their price range. Apple claims that the Flex Beats have a 12 hours battery life.

While the name might imply workout-readiness, however, they’re not sweat-resistant. What they are is an excellent pair of wireless in-ear headphones backed by great design. They may be lacking in low end for users who prefer bassier headphones, but the “average” listener can appreciate the overall balance offered here. The cost to sound quality ratio is very good with the Flex. My only other gripes with the Beats Flex are fairly small ones.

All the cables on these earbuds are flat, even the two more pliable ones that attach to the earbuds themselves. The neckband portion kind of stays put, but those long, rounded rectangles make curling or winding awkward. I wasn’t ever able to figure out a method that remedied my frustration here.

The Beats Flex are also compatible with Apple’s audio sharing feature, which lets any two W1 or H1-equipped headphones or earbuds listen simultaneously to content from an iOS device. Getting great sound from a set of earbuds depends a lot on how they seal beats solo pro wireless against your ear canal. With four sizes of silicone tips to choose from, most people should be able to get a secure and comfortable fit with the Beats Flex. The default set of tips is the medium size, and these proved to be very comfortable for me.

The evenly balanced design allows the buds to hang down at your chest comfortably. You can enjoy listening to music, even lying on a bed without any hassle. More microphones result in better sound quality and enable the device to filter out background noise. The battery life of the charging case as given by the manufacturer. A charging case with a longer battery life allows you to recharge your headphones on the go multiple times before having to recharge the case itself.