Braun Series 5 5035s Electric Shaver 1 each Delivery or Pickup Near Me

The machine comes with a “Low Charge Indicator” as well. Use the machine well enough and it’ll most probably offer you few extra minutes of shaving beyond the advertised runtime. Besides that, we have a separate trimmer that slides out when you push a button at the back of the machine. Push it again and the curved blade retracts back.

This Remington Shaver shaver is equipped with a unique combination of power and precision for uncompromising performance. In the event that your returned merchandise was mis-shipped, damaged or defective, BJ’s Member Care team will be happy to reimburse you for return shipping costs. Please contact BJ’s Member Care and we will be able to assist you. If you receive an incorrect product, please review your order information to be certain that there were no errors in the order process.

Again, the replacements are easy to find and even easier to set up. This is a good deal to have at the price range. Li-Ion battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving . The Braun Series 5 Shaver delivers precise and efficient shaving in every stroke. This advanced electric shaver is 100% waterproof and even works while charging.

Braun Series 5

These are flexible along with the shaving head. If the liquid and the cleaning station aren’t enough, there’s a cleaning brush included as well. This brush is Braun’s way of going the extra mile and taking care of our hair strands. You’re getting a “Smooth” foil shaver that bridges the gap between the entry-level, beginner-friendly products and more high-end stuff from the brand.

Its ergonomic design makes the use even simple, letting you shave effortlessly in a simple, one-way movement. Refer to the image above, the blades at the top and bottom are called the SensoFoil blades that contain 899 apertures capable of shaving at an outstanding 0.058 mm. It is as close shave as a classic razor blade can do, and it also saves you a ton of time every day. In the middle, you can see a different type of blade called the ActiLift Trimmer. The primary function of the trimmer is to capture and shave flat-lying hair and hair that grows in different directions.

£3.95 – choose a weekday within the next 14 days for delivery. Order by 5pm , available 7 days a week for £4.95. This may not be available during public holidays or weekends in between public holidays.