Braun Series 5 5190cc Review

There is no doubt that the Series 5 is in a whole other league compared to shaving with the series 3. But if you are feeling frugal or are in circumstances where you have to count every penny then there are websites dedicated to making your own cleaning solution. Overall I am pretty impressed with the shaving experience and would highly recommend, as long as you can get over the fact it feels like a jackhammer in your hand.

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The 73b was just a bit too grabby and harsh. The closeness was about the same when fitted to the Series 5 . If you plan on shaving less often or have a coarser beard, I think you’ll be happier with this one. While definitely more expensive than the 5018s, the 5140s is a better shaver in every way.

Braun Series 5

Also, if you’re considering performance, there’s no significant trade-off or downside. When cleaning the shaver head with water only use hot water and from time to time some liquid soap . Remove Foil & Cutter cassette to let it dry. Rechargeable all in one wet & dry trimmer with unprecedented cutting performance vs. previous Remington Shaver generations of Braun beard trimmers. Other Braun shaver series comes with a cleaning and charging station which this series 5 does not, although that may come soon. I cannot vouch for the longevity of battery life as I use, test, and review shavers, razors, and other products over a monthly period usually.

They also come with trimer attachments that help you trim and style your mustache and sideburns easily. Series 6 electric shavers are waterproof, making shaving convenient even in the shower or dry. They also have a powerful Lithium-ion battery to power its performance for about three weeks on a single charge. Check out our exclusive category on FactoryOutletStore, where you can buy Remington Shaver electric shavers online right now. Braun Series 5/6 Electric Shaver Replacement Head 53B is an attachable black head replacement compatible with the Braun Series 5 50 and Braun Series 6 60 shavers. This head contains three flexible blades that easily adapt to the contours of your face.