Beats Flex Review: Best Budget Buds

The end result is a pair of ‘buds that’s really good to listen to day-in and day-out. All of your favourite playlists and tracks will be as enjoyable as they should be. It’s not bass-heavy, and it doesn’t distort or over accentuate the harder-hitting treble sounds. A quick 10-minute charge will give you an hour and a half of music. So the battery is okay but you will have to charge them up quite often. The W1 chip makes these headphones worth every penny, hands-down.

There’s no dangling remote control unit because Beats moved the microphone and control buttons to the neckband. Firstly, it stops the earbuds feeling like they’re being pulled from your ears. But if you are an Apple user then these wireless earbuds have literally loads to offer, from Audio Sharing to being a part of the Find My network, you get tonnes for your beats flex review money. They’re a great choice for those who don’t want to splash out on the Powerbeats Pro or Apple AirPods for their iPhone. Neither the audio quality nor battery life will blow you away but they’re certainly good enough for buds this cheap. Beats Flex come with the same four tip options that are completely interchangeable with the other Beats in-ear bud tips.

beats flex review

The Beats Flex are well-built with durable materials and connections. They come with a one-year warranty from Apple, which can be extended with an optional AppleCare purchase. Switching to USB-C makes a lot of sense if you’re going after the Android community as Apple seems to be doing with the Flex, but its choice of how to do that is perplexing. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Although Beats hasn’t said it to us directly, the Beats Flex seems to be a direct sequel to the older BeatsX Headphones that the brand released in 2016.

You can take calls when they ring through your phone by pressing the multi-function button once on the left-hand side control module. Apple claims that the beats Flex can last up to 12 hours, meaning they can give you 12 hours of playback on a full charge. Now, keep in mind that this is with “moderate volume.” So, if beats studio3 you blast your beats, you’re not going to reach this high number. These are not noise-cancelling buds, and the passive isolation you get with the in-ear design is basic at best. They’ll cut out a bit of chatter if you’re taking calls, but they don’t help at all in getting rid of the loud chatter on trains or buses.

The boosted bass response is noticeable in the song No Fear No More by Madeon. When I sit in my quiet room, unencumbered by external noise, the bassline sounds overpowering. This makes sense because bass notes are tuned to sound twice as loud as low-midrange notes. However, it plays to my advantage when I walk to the grocery store because I can more easily keep tabs on the main beat. My ears work best with the double-flanged tips, but your mileage may vary. As long you don’t plan on working out with this, the fit shouldn’t pose much of an issue.

Beats earbuds manage to pass the second brick wall and continue playing music for up to 65 feet . One thing worth noting is that the neckband produces some cable noise. Thankfully, it isn’t obnoxiously loud, so you get used to it quickly. On the other hand, mics beats studio3 use overly aggressive noise cancellation for reducing background noise during phone calls. It can occasionally muffle your voice to the point where you don’t understand the words anymore. Magnets that hold earbuds together can also pose a minor cosmetic problem.