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Electric Touring Cruiser Bike with 250 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor with an ergonomically designed frame for maximum comfort and riding ease. A beautifully styled electric bike perfect for the rider that wants to travel by two wheels but prefers a reduced work load on their body. A refined cruiser electric bike that’s lighter than most. It’s more active and sporty with narrow handlebar and suspension fork. Smooth responsive Brose motor is custom tuned by Specialized. Available in three frame sizes, four colors, and several trim levels.

(AMF and Western Tool made “536” product as well, but they were absorbed by Murray). Murray licensed the Stanley brand and produced lawn and garden mowers and snow blowers sold at Wal-Mart and other retailers. The machines were built at the former bicycle facility in Lawrenceburg.

A beautifully styled electric bike perfect for the rider that wants to travel… A dynamic Class 3 electric bike available in two color schemes and four frame huffy beach cruiser sizes. SIMPLE RIDING. ANYWHERE. The Urban Man Special Edition Single Speed Beach Cruiser is a classic cruiser bike that rides smooth and pedals easy.

huffy beach cruiser

These bikes are a great match for commuters, fitness riders and long-distance athletes. They are designed with narrow, high-pressured tires that provide a smooth ride, as well as a lighter frame and higher seating position. UNMISSABLE ADVENTURE UNSHAKABLE COMFORT Body Ease was designed to give you total confidence. The low step-through frame, adjustable suspension and dual-spring seat provide smooth, wobble free rides.

The Year’s Best Bikes for Men Upgrade your ride with this Pro Tips collection of the year’s best bikes for men. From there, Dave worked on his vision to create a hassle-free, everyday bike for recreational riders that would be everything his friends wished for. In June 1988, the Murray Ohio Manufacturing Company was acquired by the British investment group Tomkins plc. Within three years, Huffy, Roadmaster and Murray ceased manufacture of bicycles in the United States. Think about where you will ride your bike – will you be trail riding or cruising down neighborhood streets?

As you pedal, your legs can fully extend forward, which helps to eliminate wrist, arm, neck and leg fatigue. While you’re seated at a stop, both feet can be kept flat-footed on the ground. In addition, the padded seat is designed to be a little farther back and with a lower center of gravity. A smartphone mongoose bicycles interface for controlling Bosch powered electric bikes, it fits directly into the Intuvia mount and optional headlight and rear light with turn signals. Charges your phone, allows you to make and receive calls, can play your music, connects with heart rate monitors and Apple Health, works with GPS…

They come with upright handlebars for easy handling and wide tires for ample shock absorption. ELECTRIFY YOUR RIDING. ANYWHERE. The Urban Man 7 Speed 350-Watt Electric Beach Cruiser is a great bike for those riders that want a little something extra pep from their cruiser bicycle. The 350-Watt Rear Hub Motor coupled with the seven speed drivetrain and handbrakes make the Urban Man more ve… SAFE, COMFORTABLE & EASY Designed with the lowest possible step-thru height the Simple Step-Thru bicycle makes riding easier and safer. Coupled with the low-step thru the frame geometry also features a forward pedal design.

The sixthreezero Explore your Range is made for the men who want to ride aggressively fast, in style. Ride this bike on trails or through your city. With an aluminum frame, 3 speeds, a 700x38c wheel-set, and a riding distance of up to… STRETCH OUT AND RELAX WHEN YOU RIDE Eliminate any concerns about body pain or schwinn spin bike stability during rides on this one of a kind touring hybrid cruiser. The ultimate in comfort riding, the Relaxed Body positions you in an ergonomic, upright position with specific design modifications to ease tension on… With an aluminum frame, 7 speeds, a 700x38c wheel-set, and a riding distance of up to…

Available in two colors and one frame size with adjustable angle handlebar and adjustable height…… A great fit for most men from 5 feet, 4 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches tall, it’s ideal for recreation… The Chief is the ideal cruiser bike for tall men, with it’s extended length frame and forward pedaling. Although the chief has short frame at only 19”, the added length and the 4” forward pedaling design makes this an ideal ride for men 5’8” – 6’4”. However, it is also an exceptionally comfortabl… The look is clean, without the clutter of cables and gears.