How to choose the perfect home air filter?

That said, few people want them as the focal point in a room. If you’re getting one for a small room, you likely want a small purifier — or at least one that’s nondescript. Checkout Defeat Dust And Allergens With The Best Air Purifier for a detailed review of all the top air purifiers. Lasko Box Fan This is a pre-test review, meaning we have not yet personally tested it. Our review is based off of manufacturer specs and other public information. Our scores are estimates based on our prior air purifier tests and research relative to the known specs about the Breathesmart line.

The next step was sealing up our 150-square-foot testing room and filling it with smoke by burning paper and other testing materials. We monitored the air with a Dylos air quality monitor; once the room reached our desired level of airborne particulate pollution, we kicked on the BreatheSmart Lasko Box Fan 75i for an hour. After 30 minutes, there were only 16.62% of the original particulates left floating in the air, .003% after 45 minutes, and 0 detectable particulates after an hour. While the odor from the burnt paper wasn’t entirely eliminated, it was severely reduced.

From what had been strictly good air, once I had disturbed the dust particles the sensor quickly changed to orange then red, and to my surprise even purple, signaling poor air quality! Within an hour, the sensor had changed back to excellent, giving me peace of mind that my floors, surfaces, and now air were all dust-free. Alen BreatheSmart air purifiers do have a premium price tag, and the Classic model is not exempt. BreatheSmart is, after all, the best-of-the-best air purifier series in the world.

The most basic of the Alen’s filters, the HEPA-Pure is designed for removing dust and other common allergens from your home or office’s air. From a technical perspective, there are two separate technologies implemented in the Alen BreatheSmart which set this air purifier apart from the competition. It’s not a big clunky oversized unit like some of the other air purifiers on the market. Indicator lights and air quality sensor light can be turned off for nighttime use.

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If you are sensitive to VOCs, this filter is the one for you . You are going to have to replace the filter anyway, so you might as well do the automatic service just to get the warranty, but yes, it costs money. In this BreathSmart 75i review, we went over all the great aspects of the air purifier but the one thing I love about the product is the fact that Alencorp backs it up. I would recommend putting it in a smaller area to work more efficiently. According to the EPA’s recommendations for air cleaners, the 75i, would probably work best for an area approximately 550 square feet.