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Extras such as a proprietary compatible grill or plancha are purchased separately. At $2000, the Cowboy Cauldron ships with a rain cover and a grill that provides a platform for grilling and pan cooking. Judging on the value for dollars spent on included equipment and weber q for its lighter weight for ease of movement, we dub the Cowboy Cauldron Urban Cowboy the winner in this case. The grill features a locking lid and pop-up stand that lifts the grill to a comfortable height without requiring insulation to protect a table or tailgate.

However, since the vents are metal, we had to wear grill mitts while adjusting them, which was awkward. Our chicken kabobs came out juicy with a great smoky flavor that can only result from charcoal. With its dome clamshell lid closed, it produced an even internal temperature, resulting in juicy chunks of chicken and evenly cooked veggies from our kabobs. There are also small openings on the sides of the lid that allowed extra clearance for the ends of our skewers.

Ashes are wonderful at collecting moisture, and it is essential to the life of your grill to remove them after cooking to prevent rust. The Char-Broil Portable Grill2Go X200 Gas Grill is a solid compact grill for remote cookouts because it’s rugged, lightweight, and easy to carry. The Grill2Go latches tightly and keeps the lid, firebox, and grate from jostling during transport. Like the Weber models, this Char-Broil grill has a thick cast-aluminum body for even heat distribution. But unlike its Weber competitors, the Grill2Go is incapable of searing food beyond grill marks, because its perforated grate blocks a lot of ambient heat from the firebox.

It also has a built-in thermometer that’s reasonably accurate, but I still suggest getting a separate instant-read thermometer. No thermometer is included, and Weber does not make a storage cover for the Jumbo Joe. The KettlePizza add-on kit ($250) is fun, but way more expensive than the grill itself; there’s a cheaper basic version, but it’s currently out of stock. Do yourself a favor, throw away your lighter fluid and get a charcoal chimney starter ($27). It weighs 22 pounds and has a handle with a bar that fits over the top to keep the kettle and lid together for easy carrying. I tossed mine in the back of the car for trips to the lake and the park and it never tipped over.

While researching portable grills for this article, she spoke with Jess Pryles, grilling expert and author of “Hardcore Carnivore” for tips on grilling on the go. This grill will become a staple at sporting events thanks to its sliding side tables, three precise temperature zones, and improved burner technology. Its legs fold up quickly for fast storage, and you can wheel it behind you for easy transport. The grill has a push-button ignition, and if desired, you can purchase separate griddles and stove grates to swap in, letting you cook all sorts of essential tailgating recipes with ease. After rigorous testing by our experts, the Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill is the clear overall winner due to its ease of use, large cooking area, and exceptional heat output.

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Lastly, whether you’re tailgating or having a picnic at the park, one thing is certain; you want a swift and easy cleanup, and our portable grills deliver just that. There’s nothing better than the ability to grill from anywhere; by the beach, as you enjoy the sunset, at a weekend-long camping trip, or even right in your backyard, you name it. In our tests, steak and chicken cooked quickly and got nice char marks without any flare-ups. Ash falls through the coal holder holes onto the bottom of the grill for a neat grilling experience, and the stainless grill grate is small and easy to wash in your sink once you get home. We love how compact it is and how it can be used nearly anywhere.

Steel inserts that sit over the flame ports can help, as can a cleverly designed grilling grate that channels grease away from the fire. After testing five propane models, we’re confident that the Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill is the best portable gas weber q grill. In our tests, the Q 1200 outperformed the competition at both high-heat searing and low-and-slow grilling, with the fewest flare-ups. It has a cast-aluminum firebox that evenly distributes heat across its 189-square-inch grilling grate.

It’s also worth noting that you’ll be getting more of a broiled result versus a traditional grill since there is no actual flame so don’t expect char marks on your oblong burgers. There are a few sizes, including this mid-size GoSun Goand the larger GoSun Survival if you’re planning on cooking for a group. My only complaint about the Venture is that the grease tray is small and therefore prone to spilling if you aren’t careful when you slide it out. Despite that, this is a clever, fun, well-designed grill that’s perfect for searing on the go. Keep in mind that this is a little different than normal grilling, since it cooks from the top and bottom, which means your food cooks faster.

We especially liked that the shelves that were big enough to hold tools, plates and cutting boards. So many portable grills require users to either squat over them or procure a tabletop on which they can be placed. The Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill sets itself apart by including its own stand. Although the stand—a hefty 50 pounds—does add to the RoadTrip’s weight, it’s easier to move than many lighter grills.