Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer, Single Serve or 12 Cup Coffee Maker, Black, 49980A

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew dual coffee maker produces a full carafe of coffee, as well as single servings using pods or coffee grounds. The single-serving side dispenses coffee into a mug or travel cup and is compatible with standard coffee pods. It is also equipped with a reusable filter basket to fill with ground coffee. The single serve brew basket uses a permanent metal-mesh filter while the carafe side requires you to provide your own flat-bottom filters.

Dual coffee makers tend to take up a lot of counter space, so they’re not always the best choice for small kitchens. However, the Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker features a compact design and brews either a single cup or a full 12-cup carafe. Most models use dual-sided brewing, but this one uses a single-brew system. While this does mean the unit can’t make multiple beverage types at once, it does result in a small footprint. Standard coffee makers typically feature several removable parts which must be cleaned regularly, including the carafe, filter basket, and reusable filter.

If you are on a budget and love when your appliances have dishwasher-safe components, go with the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew. Either way, you will end up with a premium coffee maker designed to be flexible to meet your various needs. The 2-Way brewer tested slightly above average in cup quality. We did not notice much of a taste difference between the coffee made from the single-cup option and the traditional full pot setting. The flavor profiles between these two cups were almost identical.

hamilton beach dual coffee maker

If your machine is leaking or overflowing, it likely has something to do with the grounds in the filter basket. If you see any stray grounds that aren’t where they’re supposed to be, flush those buggers out. There are always the standard reasons, which include the incorrect coffee-to-water ratio or the grinds are too coarse/fine. A medium coarseness is recommended for typical brewing, and it’s roughly 1.5 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces. If that doesn’t fix the taste, try another source of water and clean out your machine. That being said, you can get a number of the basic parts for Hamilton Beach coffee makers online for very affordable prices.

The machine is compatible with a travel mug of up to 8 inches in height. It is likely that you will still need to see the full comparison before you make your choice. So if you want the full breakdown of features and their benefits, continue to the next section. Another stand-out difference is the fact that the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew has dishwasher-safe components, while the K Duo does not. The added convenience and ease of not washing parts by hand is helpful.

Each brewer has its own water reservoir with easy to fill features, a water window, and you can choose your state of bean with 2 brewing strengths. We researched models from the top coffee maker brands and selected those with high customer satisfaction. The selection process factored in brew capacity and sizes, functionality, and special features.

Similar to other machines that use K-Cups, simply insert your favorite flavor and choose how the size of your coffee mug. You can easily fill up a coffee thermos, mug or other type of cup for single-serve. On the other side of the coffee maker is a traditional coffee pot, referred to as a carafe that can serve larger groups of people.

Entirely skip the need to clean a carafe with the single brew feature, which allows coffee to brew directly into your cup. What makes this brewer special is that it can either brew a 12-cup coffee pot or a single cup (up to 14-oz) of coffee. Hamilton Beach’s ‘cup’ measurement is 5-oz, so the 12-cup glass carafe is capable of holding a fairly generous 60-oz / 1.7 liters of coffee. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-way hamilton beach dual coffee maker coffee makers are the most popular in the Hamilton Beach lineup, and it doesn’t take 20/20 vision to see why. On top of being useful for entertaining with a 12-cup carafe, it can also serve single cups, which, as you know, has a variety of uses. It’s great for the mid-afternoon cup, when you’re the only coffee drinker in the residence, or for an on-the-go caffeine kick when you’re running late in the morning.