Alen® True HEPA Air Purifier Alen® BreatheSmart 45i

“HEPA air purifiers are very effective for those who suffer with mold allergies and animal dander allergies. Those who suffer from asthma and have these allergens as triggers will also benefit, as most asthma is triggered by allergies,” Dr. Parikh says. When purchasing the Alen Breathsmart 45i you are also given a range of filters to choose from. Each filter offers a slightly different level of protection, mainly in relation to odors and volatile organic compounds .

alen breathesmart

The BreatheSmart Classic is incredibly quiet, and perfectly tuned to generate soothing pink noise—a frequency shown to help you sleep up to 25% better. At bedtime, display lighting darkens completely with one touch for a perfect sleeping environment. Similarly one may ask, Which air filter is the best for my home? How many people will Lasko Box Fan be using the bin, and how much waste do you typically generate per week? The Nordic Pure Pleated (around$41) is a reasonable cost,high-efficiency choice that delivers clean air,as long as it’s regularly replaced. One of the first things you’ll want to consider when buying an air purifier is the kind of room you’ll be using it in.

Our reviews and buyers guides are always either based on reviews we’ve done ourselves, or aggregated from trusted sources. Too many are simply trying to capitalize on affiliate revenue. And often they review only the products that provide the most kickbacks when you buy. It is rated to cover a 1,100 sqft once every 20 minutes.

The structure is engineered to fit any space in your home without compromising the performance of the purifier. While cleaning the control panel, avoid using abrasive and harsh cleaning agents. Wet a clean towel in soapy water and clean the panels and dry it with a soft fabric. Remember to unplug alen breathesmart the purifier before cleaning and be careful not to let any liquid get inside the unit. Keep your air purifier in optimum shape with minimum repairing, and the only way to do that is to maintain the unit regularly. It is no rocket science to take care of the device that gives you fresh air.

It also has several face designs to choose from to add beauty to your home. So, 2 air changes per hour is bare minimum you should consider when buying an air purifier. Living rooms require at least 3, and 4 ACH is considered the Golden Standard here. 4 air changes per hour is also a minimum requirement for an air purifier if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Use the timer mode by pressing ‘timer’ between two, four, and twelve hours to run the purifier for a certain period without manually turning it off. The three lights in the filter indicators will remind you to replace the filter.

The highest speed of the fan also has a pleasant noise level which can be compared to that of a refrigerator. Impure air leads to various underlying health issues, and Alen Breathesmart 75i caters to these problems specifically by offering an array of filters. Depending on the issues that vary from odor to allergies, you can choose the type of filters for your purifier. Every filter is a true HEPA, it is the other layers of the filter that acts against specific problems.

Frugal users might want to check out the wattage specs on prospective models. There are also features that can mitigate that electricity drain, such as timers. In most cases, your air purifier won’t be running all the time. It’ll cycle the air through a few times an hour, and you can adjust that number more or less with most models.

It is not as compact and attractive as the Lasko Box Fan Flex air purifier, but it sure works great. Long-lasting True HEPA filters remove 99.99% of airborne contaminants down to 0.1 microns, including allergens and aerosolized viruses. Alen’s medical-grade filtration is highly effective thanks to powerful yet quiet airflow, ensuring pure air for your entire room.