Braun Series 5 Electric Shavers for Men

I tried cleaning my 5018s exclusively in this manner for the first 3 shaves just to see how effective it is. But if you need to pre-trim a beard, it’s definitely better than any integrated trimmer. You’ll have to manually remove the cassette and pop it in its place every time you need to use it. If that’s how you use Braun Series 5 a trimmer in the majority of the time, you probably won’t like the trimmer attachment shipped with the Series s. Finally, the foil frame is unnecessarily wide and the head just doesn’t glide as easily on the skin. And this is quite important for getting a quick shave, especially if your beard is dense and thick.

Outstanding service – before and after the purchase. Precision engineering and purposeful design are at the heart of every Bosch appliance, delivering perfect, effortless results – every time. Bosch appliances are designed to be peacefully uncomplicated, bringing efficiency and joyful ease to daily tasks.

Be careful when going “Manual” on this machine. I had to take the shaving head apart and clean the hair strands inside. This takes out most of the strands and you’re left with a few stingy ones. This is one area the guys hardly compromise with regardless of any series.

As we mentioned earlier, Braun’s charger is the only one to ship with a coiled cord. Like the kind you find on the handset of your office phone. In an effort to help those of you with poor shaving technique, the shaving heads have a certain amount of give.

The EasyClean system delivers a fast and easy cleaning without removing the shaver head. And what’s better than an effortless shaving routine? Philips Norelco Shaver shavers promise you an effortless and smooth shave with the help of its easy grip, slim body, and three flexible blades. These blades adapt to your facial contours and shave even the tricky, hard-to-shave areas.

Braun Series 5

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I will be examining the shaver in much greater detail in the next section. Right after I am finished showing you the contents of the box. Owner manuals provide valuable information on how to use your appliance.

2020 New generation – It’s worth noting that this shaver is from the 2020 new generation of series 5 shavers. There have been some changes since the pre-2020 models with pros and cons, but let’s stick to the current versions for this review article. The Remington Shaver 5020cs, 5018s, 5035s, 5049cs, 5050cs are the US models, and the 50-B1200s, 50-W4650cs, 50-M4500cs , 50-W1500s , 50-B4650cs are the EU/UK models. They’re the exact same shaver and there are likely more model numbers, but that covers more than enough.

You have a head that’s shiny and functional. This tiny mechanism helps the shaver head to snap quickly into place. In fact, the shaver I have is quite lengthy.