Initially, it was thought that the block ruptured Force’s left rear tire, causing it to come apart, violently shaking the chassis until it broke apart. However, it was determined by NHRA after a thorough review, that the block went behind Force’s tire and was not the cause of the wreck. Injuries sustained were a broken ankle, abrasion of his right knee, a dislocated left wrist, and badly mangled fingers and toes, and Force had to be airlifted to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Phil Burkart Jr. was added as Force’s replacement for the remainder of the 2007 season, starting at Las Vegas. In 2005, Force won 5 events, but only finished third in the championship standings, 32 points behind champion Gary Scelzi, and 24 points behind Ron Capps, both of Don Schumacher Racing .

He played football in high school and attended Cerritos College.John is one of six children. John has five siblings- Walker, Louie, Tom , and Cindy Hem were all older than John. Walker and Cindy still live near John in Southern California. Walker Force and Louie Force have worked with John over the years, but Walker Force is the only sibling now working at JFR.

Castrol GTX

It is made with seal conditioners to help reduce leaks and advanced additives to minimize engine wear and improve fuel economy. Features superior dispersancy that fights sludge build-up and exceptional oil burn-off. This protection exceeds industry standards based on API and ACEA volatility specifications. Exceeds manufacturer’s warranty requirements for applications requiring API SN and ILSAC GF-5. Castrol GTX conventional motor oil features TriShield for superior sludge protection.

After winning his fourth Funny Car title in 1994, Force earned the nickname of “Brute Force” from drivers, and even announcers such as Steve Evans. This nickname hearkens back to his early days on the track, when he drove his own unsponsored car, named “Brute Force”. Force had a cameo in a 2004 episode of King of the Hill (“Dale Be Not Proud”), in which Dale Gribble donates mobil 1 full synthetic a kidney to Force, after which it appears he does not need it. Wiper blades are one of the most neglected components on most vehicles today. Most experts say that wiper blades should be replaced every six to twelve months for optimum performance and driving visibility. Any blade that is chattering, streaking, or doing a lousy job of wiping is overdue for replacement.

This led to the development of the forward application handbrake, which has given several drivers in the Funny Car class quicker access to the brakes. Though Force only finished seventh in the points in 2008, he became influential within the NHRA for innovations in driver safety. Castrol® GTX® is a premium conventional motor oil that has been helping to extend the life of engines since it was first introduced in 1968. Its double-action formula Castrol GTX cleans away old sludge and prevents new sludge formation even more effectively than tough industry standards demand. It’s hard to give a specific time or mileage figure because the life of a filter depends on how much debris it ingests. A filter that lasts 20,000 or even 30,000 miles on a vehicle that is driven mostly on interstates may last only a month or two in a rural setting where the vehicle is driven frequently on dusty gravel roads.