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We have homes and families and like to breathe clean air wherever we can. The cheapest filter option doesn’t have an activated carbon filter. Whilst waiting for the purifier to arrive, I thought up some devilish ways to put it through its paces. Pausing all household Lasko Box Fan chores provided a prime layer of dust ready for it to battle. After raiding the local florist, an army of lilies with pollen locked and loaded eagerly awaited its arrival. Even I, like a nervous general going to war, began to smoke like a chimney .

Alen’s ionizer creates negative ions which clump tiny particles together making them easier for the purifier to capture. The ionizer feature is optional and is certified to be ozone-safe by California Air Resources Board with less than 0.001 PPM of ozone when engaged. The 45i has 3 air intake sections, 2 on the sides and 1 on the bottom. The ideal placement is on an open wall of a room where the air can flow to and from the unit without restriction.

alen breathesmart

Includes washable Pre-filter, True HEPA style material woven with antimicrobial Silver-Ion threads and granular Activated Carbon. While not the cheapest, filters should last you a full year of use.

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It has a real time air quality indicator and sensor on-board as well as the ability to manually change modes or fan speeds. There are also two interchangeable covers, classic white or wood tone. A solid option if you’re looking for a large purifier with the power to address big spaces. If you’re looking for a budget air purifier or only need to clean the air in a small space such as a personal office or bedroom, the BreatheSmart may not be the right choice for you. But if you want a well-priced air filter that is powerful enough to fully clean large spaces up to 1,100 square feet in just two hours, you can’t go wrong with this unit. The reasonably pricedBlueair Blue Pure 211+is 1 of only 4 portable air purifiers that receives an Excellent rating for particle removal at high- and low-speed settings in CR’s tests.