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Do not necessarily pack it as fully or tightly as possible, as this can restrict airflow. Often times there is a hole on the side known as a “carb” which acts as a way to clear your smoke and alter your airflow. Steamroller – Using a large, front facing carb hole , Steamrollers are great at providing larger hits with minimal materials. Beginners often find steamrollers “harsh” on the throat, but with a bit of practice you’ll learn to modulate the carb for the exact amount of air you need. This compact & small but yet so powerful bong will have you feeling ripped after a few bowl packs!

Whenever you shop with us, we offer free first class shipping on all orders. Yes, you read that right – first class shipping, absolutely free, with no strings attached! But if first-class shipping won’t cut it, we do offer overnight shipping as well for an added charge. And whatever option you choose, we’ll be sure to package your goods with the utmost discretion, to protect your privacy. SMOKEA® makes it easy for you to find the best pipe for you. We sell unique pipes so don’t be surprised if you come across something you’ve never seen before.

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Bongs – Bongs reside in a universe of their own, with bongs of all shapes, sizes, colors, and complexity. The carb on the side of a spoon’s bowl helps you clear the pipe chamber, making cleaning super easy. Just tip the glass pipe to the side to remove the remaining residue. While this story might sound like it was made up, it was not. This story is shared by hundreds if not thousands of people who were following the Grateful Dead on tour that summer.

As time passed and smoking remained a popular activity in many cultures, different styles and pipe-making materials came about. Even as recent as a few decades ago, it was not uncommon to see people smoking tobacco and other dried herbs from hand pipes carved from stone, made of ceramic clay, corn cobs, or even metal. These days, the preferred material to make hand pipes out of is borosilicate glass. Our artists use a meticulous process to carefully craft each piece of our glass pipes to perfection. From the structural aspect to aesthetic considerations and all of the fine details that go into ensuring the finished product is of the highest quality — it’s an intense process!

Sherlock – These increasingly popular pipes are aptly named after the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. With their long, vertical handle, these are just plain fun to hold and make addition to any collection. Some sherlocks have a flat base which allows them to stand upright, preventing your herbs water pipes from falling out. The Gravitron creates big, efficient hits through gravity and pressure. Then pack the bowl with dry herb and insert it into the joint at the neck of the bottle. Once the bottle is full of smoke, remove the bowl and place your mouth over the neck, inhaling as you lower the bottle.

The body of the pipe really is the meat and potatoes of the pipe itself. This is where your smoke will travel before you inhale it. The body of the pipe is also where you are allowed some personalization. There are vaporizers bongs just so many different styles and colors to choose from when it comes to the body! You will really be able to build a connection with your piece that will last a lifetime based on your initial feelings of the body.