Review: Beats Flex Wireless Earphones- Comfortable neckband headphones

I could never go multiple days without charging, let alone five days. If there’s one thing that Beats has gotten right with every beats solo pro wireless new wireless earbuds’ release, it’s battery life. The Beats Flex doesn’t disappoint, rated at 12 hours on a full charge.

Another cool feature is Audio Sharing which lets you share what you’re listening to with other Beats headphones or Apple AirPods. By bringing them near your Apple device, you’ll just need to tap the pop up to activate it, and each of you will be able to control your own volume. Beats really knocked it out of the park with the Power Beats Pro, its first fully wireless earbuds, and then again with the Beats Solo Pro – the company’s first on-ear noise-cancelling headphones. You’d expect the Beats Flex to follow the same trajectory, but in truth they are a different animal in terms of performance and audio quality.

Enjoy rich, powerful sound with both accurate bass and low distortion across the frequency curve. Magnetic earbuds make listening that much easier with Auto-Play/Pause2, playing music when they’re in your ears and pausing when they’re connected around your neck. The Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with durable Nitinol construction while four ear tip options offer a personalized fit. And when you’re not wearing them, the magnetic earbuds keep Beats Flex tangle-free as they easily coil up into your pocket or purse. It may seem a bit odd that the Beats brand is still making behind-the-neck wireless headphones while every day sees a new set of true wireless earbuds hit store shelves, but there’s still a market for this style.

The neckband also houses a USB C port for topping up the Beats Flex. This also marks the first time Beats have charged over USB C, rather than Lightning, which will be a welcome change for those with an Android smartphone. In terms of battery, you can expect a more than reasonable 10 hours of battery per charge. The in-ear style buds are comfortable and block out a decent amount of outside noise. The chain bounces around a bit if you’re exercising, but I didn’t have issues with the buds popping out of my ears. Laser cut micro-venting and the off-centre angle of the buds is said to offer ear pressure relief and aid audio delivery.

However, for the price, not everything can be perfect, and the overall decent sound quality of the Flex lacks clarity, detail, and transparency. Overall, the Beats Flex are an excellent set of everyday Bluetooth earbuds from a name brand. The Beats Flex are a set of good value, feature-rich Bluetooth earbuds from Apple. Apple offers trade-in and free recycling schemes, including for non-Apple products. The power button is on the underneath of the right pod while the USB-C charging port is in the left. You won’t be hearing new details in well worn tracks, but they sound great for a cheaper set of earbuds with a balance often lost in rivals.

But some people just prefer the neckband style and don’t want to fuss with carrying cases or deal with the panic of an AirPod rolling toward a subway grate. The Beats Flex Wireless and the Sony WI-C310 Wireless are similarly performing headphones, and depending on your usage, you may prefer one pair over the other. The Beats are more comfortable, better-built, and have a more stable fit.

EarPods are still available as a standalone purchase for a lower price of $19, but if you’re going to be buying headphones, it’s worth looking at wireless options like Beats Flex. Not only do Beats Flex come with some upgrades, but they also carry a much lower price of just $49.99, representing the most affordable way to get into Apple’s wireless earphone ecosystem. You simply hold a dedicated on/off button for 2 seconds until the light starts slowly blinking. Using Bluetooth 5.0, they provide a very stable Bluetooth range.

JLab’s Epic Air ANC, for instance, can get eight hours of life with ANC on and a huge 12 hours with it off. And that’s before you take into consideration the extra juice in their charging case. Thankfully like the more recent Beats earphones beats studio3 and headphones, the Bass isn’t overpowering and you can get a nice, decent balance but still can feel that Bass. However, the Flex isn’t able to deliver that nice, punchy ‘oomph’ compared to the other Beats earphones I’ve tried.

beats flex review

A paperclip you throw in the trash has more metal than one of these earbuds. Just like with the Lightning port on BeatsX, the USB-C port on Beats Flex does not have any sort of cover on it. That leaves the port open to the sweat, rain, and dust, but it beats flex review doesn’t appear that should be a significant concern and it avoids the awkward port covers seen on many other devices. When it comes time to charge Beats Flex, you’ll need a USB-C cable, which is another change compared to BeatsX that used Lightning.

The Flex are the first Apple headphones that have USB-C charging. You will be pleased to know that they deliver higher playtimes than the popular models in their price range. Apple claims that the Flex Beats have a 12 hours battery life.