Wholesale Glass Pipes and Glass Smoking Accessories

Often referred to as smoking a “bowl” our borosilicate glass pipes are perfect for tokers of all kinds. Unless you are looking for a bubbler, glass hand pipes typically offer you a dry smoke, meaning there is no water-based diffusion of your smoke. Luvbuds is a leading dispensary and smoke shop supplier in Colorado and across the United States.

Creating a glass hand pipe takes an immense amount of skill, attention to detail, and a LOT of heat. Glass comes from heating up a mixture of silicates and sand to an extremely high temperature. Once at this temperature, your sand will start to turn to a molten goop.

Before you smoke your cannabis flower from a wooden pipe, you actually need to go in and evenly burn the interior of the bowl in order to create a layer of charcoal. The flower is packed into the “bowl”, which is the area glass pipes that holds the weed. There’s usually a hole known as a “carb” on the same end of the pipe that holds the bud. Smoking a bowl is usually done with a hand pipe, but can refer any form of igniting and inhaling dry herb .

We are proud of the brands of glass tobacco bowls and pipes we carry. SMOKEA® is grateful to have strong relationships with top brand names allowing us to carry amazing quality glass from top notch glass blowers all over the country. The variety of styles and designs in glass are endless! We offer the modern minimalistic style of GRAV to the beautifully artistic pieces from Empire Glassworks. Glass smoking pipes couldn’t be any more simple to use. Place the ground herb or tobacco mix into the smoking bowl, torch it, close the carb cap, and smoke away.

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Bamboo could probably get dirty easily, but clean-up is not that difficult. The taste will be enhanced with the natural fibers of the bamboo but residue buildup could give your weed a harsher taste. However, with bamboo pipes, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re smoking out of a material that is all-natural and will not cause you or the environmental problems. Bubbler – These hybrid pipes combine the small and portable size of a hand pipe with the clean and smooth water filtration of a water pipe.

With a carb cap, you have much more control over your smoking session, allowing you to manage the temperature and airflow. Our hand pipe selection is distinguished as much by what you will find as what you will not. The water pipes found in this collection are all handcrafted in America & many are made in our own studio. We have one of the largest online selections of glass pipes available. From our selection of $10 or less glass pipes to extremely intricate and ornate pieces, we have the glass pipe for you. Check out some of our glass pipes and grab one for your collection today.

Steamrollers have a reputation for hard, hot, rips and are not recommended for beginners. To use, simply pack smoking material into the end, apply flame and inhale. There is another downside to clay as a material for pipes, and that is the fact that it can become heated up pretty easily. The flame from your lighter could cause the bowl to become incredibly hot, which could result in a burn on your hands. In order to avoid such inconvenience, try to take short fast hits from a ceramic pipe and be careful not to hold the flame to it for too long.