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The Kudu has its roots in South African design for open fire grilling. The standard model features a cast-iron vessel at the base on which to build and manipulate the fire, allowing for the creation of hot or cool zones for offset cooking. Two pole-mounted racks hang above the fire pit, one for grilling and one ostensibly for holding pots or pans but can be manipulated for other purposes. The elevation bars for the racks provide both vertical and horizontal positioning to move them closer or further from the direct heat of the fire.

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The Everdure Cube by Heston Blumenthal is a cute little charcoal grill that’s easy to carry and comes in a number of color options. The removable snap-on tray and storage container are nice features. It’s easy to handle the grill even when lit because of the cool-touch handles.

We give the Jumbo Joe points for having an ash catcher, even though it’s just a flimsy aluminum pan. But at least there’s a barrier to keep hot embers from falling on your patio or deck. The Char-Broil Grill2Go can handle up to six large burger patties at a time without crowding. Charcoal is smokier than gas, a possible issue for smaller, fenced-in spaces.

But as a rule of thumb, you want to clean the grill grates of any food or grease buildup to prevent fires or avoid foodborne illness and clean the top, sides, and bottom for the same reason. Keep burner tubes clean to avoid buildup, which might cause portable bbq fires or clog the gas jets. One can typically unclog jets by poking them with a pin or thin piece of wire. Finally, for charcoal grills, you want to ensure that the fire is completely out, then dump the ashes and either wipe or hose down the grill.

Petite and sure-footed, the Grillster is the perfect companion for a picnic for two, no matter the location. At 20 pounds, the Char-Broil Grill2Go is 10 pounds lighter than the Weber Q 1200, even though it has a larger, 17¼-by-11¾-inch grilling grate. More space between the coal bed and the grilling grate lessens your chances of ending up with charred food. The extra room also allows for more coals, so you have the option of longer cooking time. You can also create hot and cold spots for searing and indirect cooking.

Two clips in the front hold the whole unit tightly together, and you can effortlessly carry the whole thing with one hand . Weighing over 40 pounds weber genesis 2 , the Weber Q 2200 stretches the meaning of “portable” to its limits. However, the Q 2200 is still an excellent grill for small backyard spaces.

On the charcoal side, insulation plays a much more important role in output power and efficiency. The Cuisinart Portable Charcoal and Weber Go-Anywhere are very similar in terms of coal bed volume, but the Go-Anywhere scores much higher thanks to its cast iron construction. U-shaped burners, as found on the Weber Q 1200, are the design of choice to efficiently deliver heat across the extent of a grill surface.

In spring 2017, Tim and Wirecutter writers Lesley Stockton and Michael Sullivan spent over 40 hours testing full-size gas and charcoal grills, as well asgrill accessories. With all this knowledge in hand, Lesley and Tim spent 16 hours, over the course of two days, testing nine portable grills. You’ll want to decide on a fuel type and think about where exactly you will be toting the grill before making your purchase.

For a given temperature setting on each, the Gonzo grill top presents a more uniform temperature than the Petite Gourmet. You have more options to move your food around to different temperature zones on the rectangular grates, but you have greater uniformity of cooking conditions across the top of the Gonzo. For this metric, we had to consider how different methods of heat production compared among different grills across the board. For gas, we looked at the number of BTUs each product generates. For charcoal and electric options that cannot be measured the same way, we drew upon evidence from testing and an infrared thermometer to measure internal grill temperatures. We also factored in the number of burners of each product, how well the grill body insulated heat, and the volume of the coal bed.