Wholesale Glass Pipes and Glass Smoking Accessories

You are guaranteed to find something to match your style and smoking habits. Everything for 420 couldn’t be closer to home as we deliver all items discreetly to your doorstep, so you can buy vaporizers bongs from the comfort of your couch without breaking the bank. This style pipe is great if you prefer larger hits and are passing it around a few times. They work similarly to straight tube bongs, given their long shape, so if you normally smoke water pipes, but want something that’s more portable you may have just found your perfect match.

glass pipes

or pot pipes can come with or without a carb hole and are used around the world by smokers who prefer a cleaner, more pure smoking experience. This is why we believe that glass pipes for weed and tobacco offer one of the most original and enjoyable smoking experiences available. While it’s nice to keep it humorous, we also offer pipes with a sleek and modern look for the sophisticated smoker. Grav Labs’ sharp white Glass Sherlock Pipe is one such example of a piece so easy on the eye it could second as home decor! Spoon pipes are the most popular style and great beginner pipe featuring a spoon shaped bow.

However, metal is also another type of material used in recent years with modern twists that can add some tech advantages to your pipes, such as with vaporizers, etc. Unlike other smoking tools, such as a glass bong, pipes are a simple way to smoke your favorite herb without compromising the filtration properties. vaporizers bongs Essentially, a glass pipe is a compact version of a bong, created with only the essential components such as a stem, carburetor, and bowl. Glass pipe smoking is extremely popular among stoners because of its functionality. It’s one of the simplest ways to safely enjoy your favorite cannabis, weed, or CBD flower.

Assorted 3″ Basic Glass One Hitters.”Chillum” style with mouthpiece and bowl on opposite ends.Size, shape and color may vary. To help make your pipe last, we recommend cleaning your pipe after every smoking session. Clean out the bowl and use isopropyl alcohol to clean the inside of the stem. The alcohol will help prevent resin build-up, which can block the stem completely.

The more options you have, the more likely you are to find that special pipe that is perfect for you. What better way to locate a great product than to interact directly with sellers or distributors who are like you? Fat Buddha Glass was established by people who have an enormous passion for glass art – just like you. We are two lifelong friends who have collected glass pipes for a very long time, so we understand that finding a great piece for an affordable price is extremely important to you. Our mission is to achieve nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction, by only offering the best quality glass pipes online for insanely affordable prices.