Beats Flex Review: Apples Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Earbuds

When the juice does run out, you also get Fast Fuel charging via USB-C cable which gives you 90 minutes of listening time from just ten minutes of charging. So if you realize they’re dead just before you head out for a run, a quick 10 minute charge while you dig out your running shoes and you’ll be good to go. Generally we found the Beats Flex offer excellent audio clarity, both when listening to music as well as YouTube videos and podcasts. It makes them an ideal pair of headphones for your morning run or gym session. While Beats have long been known as the stylish choice when it comes to headphones, they’ve also had something of a reputation when it comes to sub-par audio performance. They’ve done a lot to shake that association in recent years though, and we think that Beats Flex offers a pretty solid performance for the cost.

There’s a real depth to proceedings, with a nice nuance to her vocals and Beats’ signature high bass output ready and willing when required. No more so than on the more expansive soundscapes of Pan Amsterdam’s jazz-influenced ‘Ha Chu’. Poorvika follows all Covid safety measures as prescribed beats solo pro wireless by the government. Our Delivery team is well trained and keeps your safety in mind while delivering the sanitized products to your doorstep. He has extensive experience in tech and games journalism, with work published on IGN, Kotaku UK, Waypoint, GamesRadar, Trusted Reviews, and many more.

The staccato guitar chords hit their mark and will instantly stimulate rhythmic foot taps, while the steady hi-hat and Sting’s isolated vocals are reproduced superbly. I was also impressed by well how the Beats Flex handed the synth basslines on Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” and opened up the soundscape for the singer to flex his harmonizing talents. Since Beats has been on an IPX4 kick with its last two wireless earbuds releases beats studio3 , we were expecting some form of water-resistant/waterproof protection on the Beats Flex. Beats did mention the USB-C connector is waterproof and that the buttons are sealed to prevent liquid from seeping in. Whether that’s enough assurance to exercise or swim with the buds, well, that’s a risk you may or may not want to take. Personally, I thought the buds staved off excessive sweat well during cardio workouts.

With the Flex, Beats accomplished what it set out to do. The company is offering a low-cost option for anyone who’s looking for wireless earbuds and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Especially those people who are looking for something to replace the Earpods that Apple no longer gives them for free with a new iPhone. Plus, Beats managed to pack features like quick pairing that go beyond the basic on-board controls.

Sure, these are meant to have general appeal, and the tuning is certainly more middle of the road. Find the best wireless earbuds under $50 for sports, commuting, beats studio3 or daily listening. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a decent pair of earbuds. For under $50, you can’t expect them to shower you with features.

The left side has the primary volume and playback/skip/Siri controls. Despite a durable plastic coating and six spare silicone tips, it’s worth noting the Flex have no IPX rating, so they’re not sweat or water-resistant. A shame, but then neither were the more expensive X, so if you want workout earphones perhaps consider the Powerbeats range. If you are searching for wireless headphone and don’t want to go with bean-sized TWS earbuds or giant-sized Over-Ear headphones, the next best option for you to choose is the wireless neckband. In the last few years, audio technology has progressed drastically, and headphone has become more innovative and offers more features than ever before.

Based on my testing, it’s really about 11 hours, which is still highly sufficient for those who want a week’s worth of playback before charging. I used the earbuds for about 1.5 hours daily over the course of 5 days and still had 30% power left in the tank. That was enough to jump on two very long Skype calls before charging. Speaking of, charging is done through a USB-C port on the left side of the earbuds near the volume controls.

beats flex review

However, Flex can isolate more noise and leak less sound than Powerbeats Pro. The AirPods have the H1 chips, not the older W1 chip like the Flexes. H1 chip delivers a stable low latency wireless connection. Class 1 Bluetooth rating provides connections up to 300 feet that are beyond imagination with class 2 Bluetooth devices. Beats advertise a Fast Fuel feature that allows you to listen for 1.5 hours on a 10 minutes charge. You have to carry a USB-C charger or power bank that contains a USB-C port to recharge on the go.