Braun Series 5 Shaver, Blue Braun

For you the simplicity and convenience the cleaning station brings will be more than worth the small price of buying replacement cleaning cassettes. Unfortunately, the Series 5 charger cord is the shortest of any major shaver brands. As you may have guessed by the name, travel lock is most commonly used when you are squashing your electric shaver into an already overflowing luggage. You may charge without the cumbersome charging station by connecting the cord straight to the shaver.

All signs turn off after the cleaning and charging cycle is completed. By pressing the start button, the cleaning process will begin. When the shaver is inserted correctly, Remington Shaver charging will begin immediately. The Clean and Charge Station assesses the state of hygiene. The cleaning program indications in the C&C display show the current state.

Germany is the manufacturing location of choice for all of Braun’s higher-end electric shavers. My name is Thomas Botello, and I live in Holly Oak, Delaware. I am working as an electronics repairman in the Holly Oak CIty. I enjoy writing my personal opinion on everyday life items.

Braun Series 5

I tried cleaning my 5018s exclusively in this manner for the first 3 shaves just to see how effective it is. But if you need to pre-trim a beard, it’s definitely better than any integrated trimmer. You’ll have to manually remove the cassette and pop it in its place every time you need to use it. If that’s how you use Philips Norelco Shaver a trimmer in the majority of the time, you probably won’t like the trimmer attachment shipped with the Series s. Finally, the foil frame is unnecessarily wide and the head just doesn’t glide as easily on the skin. And this is quite important for getting a quick shave, especially if your beard is dense and thick.

You’ll find a rubberized grip that covers the sides of this product. I expected the boys to compensate with a textured, long grip to complement wet shaving. With the price hovering between $140 – $160, this is one product that packs the punch when it comes to performance and maintenance. I got the “Full” Braun treatment with the package when it arrived. If the shaver is regularly cleaned with water, apply a drop of light machine oil on top of the foil once a week for lubrication.

Some electric razors like the Series 7 and 9 are very good in these situations, but the cheaper ones tend to struggle. As long as you stick to slower, controlled, shorter strokes and don’t press hard, it should be perfectly suitable even for someone with sensitive skin. When the battery is almost drained, the red plug icon will light up, indicating that you must charge it.

Generally speaking, Braun Series 5 50xx are much cheaper than Braun Series 5 51xx for the extra charging station, pop-up trimmer and better motor. So, in this article, I will review the Braun Series 5190cc specifically, and it will also cover both Braun Series s and 5145s. The cleaning station does a “Reasonable” job at getting the debris out of the system. I’d say Braun Series 5 is good with beards and with sensitive skins.

Be careful when going “Manual” on this machine. I had to take the shaving head apart and clean the hair strands inside. This takes out Remington Shaver most of the strands and you’re left with a few stingy ones. This is one area the guys hardly compromise with regardless of any series.