Braun Series 5 Shaver, Blue Braun

I’d not say it’s “Super Accurate.” But it does the job. Then, it’ll select the level of cleaning your machine needs. This little element captures small hair strands that lay flat on our faces and in diverse, “Hard-to-Reach” locations. Braun Series 5 However, I needed to tilt the trimmer ever so slightly to get to certain hair strands. This is thanks to the fact that it sits in the middle of two blades. Now, to say this motor does it all, would be an understatement.

Braun Series 5

Ambient temperature is out of valid range.Special cord set is not plugged in properly. Wait a few minutes, if charging will start automatically. Sometimes charging could start delayed (e.g. after long storage). The cleaning cartridge can be disposed of with regular household waste. Braun recommends changing your shaver’s Foil & Cutter cassette every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. When the level indicator lights up permanently red, the remaining fluid in the cartridge is sufficient for about 3 more cycles.

While this is just another marketing word, it essentially means that the Series 7 shaver uses micro vibrations which help lift flat laying hairs. If you looked closely at the photo above you may have noticed small, black oval shaped button in the center of the shaver. Even if something presses up against the power button, the shaver won’t turn on. The Philips Norelco Shaver is definitely one of the nicer looking shavers on the market. The black color scheme with silver and red highlights has really had some thought put into it.

Daily – Using the Braun Series 5 every day kept the shave very close all the time, although I am not a fan of shaving the neck daily as it can cause me irritation. This shaver was very good at not giving me neck irritation grief, that really surprised me. 2 – 3 days – This was the ideal range and a lot easier, well……….two days was best. I had to spend a few minutes shaving but it was easy and there were fewer patches of hair to pick up on after.

There are two outer foils that cut the hair at skin level, while the middle trimmer captures and pre-cuts long, flat-lying hairs. The whole cleaning process appears to be designed to steer you towards using the cleaning station. A small water drop icon will appear on the shaver when it is beyond time to clean your shaver. You can just make out this icon on the shaver display in the picture above. Like most modern-day shavers, you can charge your brand new Series 5 shaver anywhere in the world.

Outstanding service – before and after the purchase. Precision engineering and purposeful design are at the heart of every Bosch appliance, delivering perfect, effortless results – every time. Bosch appliances are designed to be peacefully uncomplicated, bringing efficiency and joyful ease to daily tasks.

I tried cleaning my 5018s exclusively in this manner for the first 3 shaves just to see how effective it is. But if you need to pre-trim a beard, it’s definitely better than any integrated trimmer. You’ll have to manually remove the cassette and pop it in its place every time you need to use it. If that’s how you use a trimmer in the majority of the time, you probably won’t like the trimmer attachment shipped with the Series s. Finally, the foil frame is unnecessarily wide and the head just doesn’t glide as easily on the skin. And this is quite important for getting a quick shave, especially if your beard is dense and thick.

The cleaning cartridge also contains lubricants for the shaving system, which may leave residual marks on the outer foil frame and the cleaning chamber of the C&C. These marks can be removed easily by wiping gently with a damp cloth. As I have mentioned above, these attachments are close to useless in my experience and dedicated trimmers or groomers work much better.

You’ll find a rubberized grip that covers the sides of this product. I expected the boys to compensate with a textured, long grip to complement wet shaving. With the price hovering between $140 – $160, this is one product that packs the punch Braun Series 5 when it comes to performance and maintenance. I got the “Full” Braun treatment with the package when it arrived. If the shaver is regularly cleaned with water, apply a drop of light machine oil on top of the foil once a week for lubrication.