Sear’NSizzle® Grate for Blackstone Adventure Ready 22″ Griddle

It’s also widely enjoyed because of the additional features you don’t get with other models. The dual cooking zones, built-in hood, adjustable griddle stand, and multiple propane tank adapters make it stand out from other tabletop griddles available. The Blackstone Adventure-Ready 22″ Griddle is a portable, easy-to-clean griddle that gives people a 361 square inch cooking surface that’s perfect for a slew of dishes.

It was a lucky break to have this cooker available and ready to go when the rest of the infrastructure around me went down. The portability of the Blackstone 22 inch griddle is one of its best features. Larger models like the Blackstone 36 inch griddle with air fryer and hood are very large and heavy, so relocating them anywhere is tricky. Smaller models like the Blackstone 22 are designed with mobility in mind. Bulk propane tank adapter is ideal when you’re stationary and allows you to use a much larger propane tank.

It has two separate propane-powered heating zones so you can cook at two temperature settings for perfectly seared steak on one side and crisp-tender fajita veggies on the other. The collapsable grill is also easily portable for camping, beach days and picnics, and the carrying case even doubles as a splash guard and smoke screen when the grill is fired up. As with any gas griddle, you’ll need to clean and maintain it to prevent rust, corrosion and to ensure the griddle lasts a long time.

My 22” Adventure with the legs lives in my backyard. I spray the griddle surfaces with PAM after every cook to prevent rust just in case. I also put a Duck brand cover over the whole thing . I used it several times during the snowpocalypse that hit Texas last month, and it great to have that access when the power at my place was out. Getting the ice encrusted Duck cover off was a challenge, but once that was done, I was off to the races.

Suppose you are looking for maximum portability and don’t mind sacrificing cooktop space and some features like dual cooking zones and the griddle hood. In that case, you’ll want to check out the Ready 17 offering, which is also a Walmart exclusive. Standalone Blackstone griddle but purchased the Blackstone 22 because of its versatility and portability. I use my Blackstone 36″ griddle when cooking larger amounts of food or when entertaining larger crowds and the Blackstone 22″ griddle for smaller meals or when camping. Conversely, if portability and compactness doesn’t concern you, I would consider one of the standalone models, such as the Blackstone 28 inch griddleandBlackstone 36 inch griddle. These are less portable but provide larger cooktops allowing you to cook more food at a time.

Learn more about Product Listings across Microsoft. Love this little grill, only had it a week or so, and use it almost every day, keeps the heat out of the kitchen during hot weather. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging .

It’s a tabletop griddle, so it can sit on any flat surface though one great feature is the folding griddle stand that is included. The stand is adjustable, so you can set it to whatever height you prefer to have the griddle sit. It also collapses easily and folds up, so it’s easy weber spirit 2 to take it with you and set it up again at your destination. It also comes with a griddle stand that you can adjust the height of, and it has folding legs for convenient storage and transportation. The stand has a removable side shelf to place your food or griddle accessories on.

This set features one of our best-selling 15″ Griddles PLUS one of the Gri… We do offer 2nd-day service to our customers. 2nd-day service will either be shipped via FedEx Express or UPS 2nd Day Air. Please note that Saturdays do not count as a delivery day for this service. Blackstone Adventure Ready 22″ Griddle with Stand and Adapter Hose may be just what you’re looking for. This is one of the most popular Blackstone griddle models available for a variety of reasons.