Alen BreatheSmart Classic Replacement Air Filters

Compared to the original BreatheSmart, it’s only $100 more. Pink noise is a frequency that is said to help you sleep better by 25%. There is a button on the control panel labeled “Ionizer.” When this button is pressed, the ozone-safe Ionizer is activated.

In the short-term the cost of Alen BreatheSmart Classic might appear quite high but the important part – the long-term cost – is minimal. Let’s do a simple calculation to figure out how much electricity will the Classic model need. We’ll presume it runs continuously for a week at peak speed. Every time you turn on your purifier, it is recommended that you start at the highest speed for at least an hour. The sound frequency of this purifier falls in the pink noise range.

Even if you leave the purifier on auto to work its magic around the clock, as Alen recommends. At full power, the purifier consumes 50 watts of energy, which will set you back approximately $4.40 per month. In reality, the power consumed will be much, much lower as the purifier operates on the lowest setting 99% of the time. This indicates at what fan speed setting you should run the Classic large air purifier. If you see the blue light, you can lower the speed to Speed 2 or even Speed 1. We want to make shopping for air purifiers less complicated.

The most basic of the Alen’s filters, the HEPA-Pure is designed for removing dust and other common allergens from your home or office’s air. From a technical perspective, there are two separate technologies implemented in the Alen BreatheSmart which set this air purifier apart from the competition. It’s not a big clunky oversized unit like some of the other air purifiers on the market. Indicator lights and air quality sensor light can be turned off for nighttime use.

Two air exchanges per hour are provided by the BreatheSmart F700’s powerful filtration in spaces up to 1,100 sq ft. One full air exchange means all the air within a specified area has passed through the air purifier. SmartSensor Technology is built to improve air quality in even the most challenging environments. The BreatheSmart F700 takes care of you and your family by adjusting airflow automatically to improve air quality levels. In addition, the Smart Filter Life Timer tells you exactly when to change your filter.

The colors around the power button indicate the air quality, blue being the lowest and purple indicating the highest level of airborne particles. When you buy any appliance, a warranty is a great concern. With Alen BreatheSmart 75i air purifier you can get a lifetime limited warranty, this means any repairing and replacement will be free. Keep in mind that they won’t repair or replace for free unless it is caused due to faulty material or workmanship. When it comes to electrical appliances, my top concern is how much energy it consumes.

The BreatheSmart Classic purifier has a fixed size, but it also offers two interchangeable covers. It is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room. Truth be told, Alen BreatheSmart Classic drain quite a lot of energy given its CADR rated output.

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If your square footage exceeds the listed square footage for your air purifier, it can still clean your room, but the rate at which it can do so decreases. When the air exchanges per hour drop to a certain point, you won’t be receiving all of the benefits of allergen-free, breathable air. For optimal performance, a good rule of thumb is to find an air purifier that can cover more than the square footage of your room. Beside this, Are more expensive air filters better than cheap ones? More expensive filters will cost more not only at the register but also when paying energy bills. Conversely, the more expensive one will filter more and provide better air quality.

You can take look at the Tracs air purifiers review where I go more into details about their products. The lasko pedestal fans Classic can target specific particles and odors you’d like to address, in addition to its True HEPA air filter and pre-filter. If you live with animals, you’ll be more interested in the HEPA Pure filter, capturing dust pollen, pet dander, and pet hair.

Its smaller brother, the FIT50, shares similar design styles and capabilities and effectively cover medium-sized rooms such as your family room or master bedroom up to 900 sq ft. To ensure you’re purchasing the correct-size filters,remove the old air alen breathesmart filter from the furnace and check its dimensions,which are indicated by thickness,width and length. OUTPERFORMS FIBERGLASS,WASHABLE AND NON-ELECTROSTATIC 3-month pleated 1 in. When buying new air filters,disregard any that you can easily see through.