BRAUN Series 5 Shaver Instruction Manual

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The difference is the additional travel case, charging station and price. I will review Braun Series cc in the below section. Of course, there’s a charging cord designed to feed the battery of this sleek shaver.

Now, fortunately, the cleaning station does an incredibly thorough job at removing any traces of hair. In fact, the best out of all the big brands. If you treat this as a shaver that you must use with the cleaning station then you won’t be disappointed. Braun’s cleaning stations work the best out of all the major brands and the Series 7 did not disappoint. The alcohol based cleaning detergent thoroughly removed all traces of hair clippings and even lubricated the blades. The amount of cleaning required is determined by the amount of time the shaver has been used, not by how dirty the shaving heads actually are.

Overall, the build quality and ergonomics are adequate considering the price of the Series s, but the shaver feels underwhelming compared to the old Series 5. My main gripe with this model is related to the shaving head. The shaver is also much lighter at only 174g/0.38 lbs according to my kitchen scale. The Braun 5018s and all the new Series 5 razors are suitable for wet & dry use. One of the models in this revamped line is the Braun 5018s (the UK/European version is called 50-B1200s). This particular Series 5 is bound to be the pick of the range thanks to its very reasonable price.

Braun Series 5

This is somewhat surprising since the old Series 5 had a flexible shaving head that worked really well in my experience. It took a good 2 minutes before I was confident I had cleaned the shaver. And even then I could make out some small dots of hair clippings here and there. Daily shaving will prevent hairs that grow in different directions from growing too long. While the shaver mowed these down when they were a fin stubble, once they grew they were the often missed, most noticeably on the neck and under the chin. The battery charge remaining can be seen with a quick glance of the screen.

The back is covered with a sticky rubber grip. Even if you are the most clumsy person on earth, this thing is staying in your hands, wet or dry. The travel case has just enough room for the Series 5 Shaver. Unfortunately, this means you will have to pack the charging cord separately when traveling.

I again recommend using the Series s on shorter facial hair to avoid any potential discomfort. I personally have very sensitive and dry skin, especially on the neck, but didn’t have any major issues using the 5018s. Remington Shaver The shave was however more enjoyable and I even managed to finish in a shorter time. To my surprise, it was also good on the chin and under the nose, two areas where I have particularly thick facial hair.

Much simpler than plugging and unplugging the charging cord from your shaver. The foil shaver and blades for this shaver are very different from regular rotary shavers as they feature SensoFoil blades. The design is a bit unique, which has 2 SensoFoil Blades and sandwich a trimmer in between. If you compare the blades with Braun Series s, you can see the design and mechanism of the blades are the same. Thus, you can use the exact shaver head replacement Braun Series 5 53B, which you can purchase online.