An In-Depth Review of Braun Series 5 5190cc: Dissecting the Good and the Bad

Daily – Using the every day kept the shave very close all the time, although I am not a fan of shaving the neck daily as it can cause me irritation. This shaver was very good at not giving me neck irritation grief, that really surprised me. 2 – 3 days – This was the ideal range and a lot easier, well……….two days was best. I had to spend a few minutes shaving but it was easy and there were fewer patches of hair to pick up on after.

All signs turn off after the cleaning and charging cycle is completed. By pressing the start button, the cleaning process will begin. When the shaver is inserted correctly, Braun Series 5 charging will begin immediately. The Clean and Charge Station assesses the state of hygiene. The cleaning program indications in the C&C display show the current state.

Braun Series 5

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Generally speaking, Braun Series 5 50xx are much cheaper than Braun Series 5 51xx for the extra charging station, pop-up trimmer and better motor. So, in this article, I will review the Braun Series 5190cc specifically, and it will also cover both Braun Series s and 5145s. The cleaning station does a “Reasonable” job at getting the debris out of the system. I’d say Braun Series 5 is good with beards and with sensitive skins.

The cleaning cartridge also contains lubricants for the shaving system, which may leave residual marks on the outer foil frame and the cleaning chamber of the C&C. These marks can be removed easily by wiping gently with a damp cloth. As I have mentioned above, these attachments are close to useless in my experience and dedicated trimmers or groomers work much better.

Germany is the manufacturing location of choice for all of Braun’s higher-end electric shavers. My name is Thomas Botello, and I live in Holly Oak, Delaware. I am working as an electronics repairman in the Holly Oak CIty. I enjoy writing my personal opinion on everyday life items.

This will be of great help to those of you who are tempted to apply too much pressure when shaving. In our Series 7 review we looked at how you could take the head of the series 7 and slide perfectly on to of the Series 5, picture below. The beard trimmer is identical to that of the Series 9.

The different numbers correlate with color, the country they are sold, and the accessories or attachments the razor is sold with. In my experience, the differences between the old Series 7 and the Series 9, especially since you shave more often, would be minor. In terms of closeness, I personally don’t see any differences and I also have sensitive skin. Some users do, others don’t, but I think it would be a very safe choice for you and for anyone that deals with post-shave irritation. I think it will also be a significant update from your current Series 5.