Beats Flex Wireless Review

According to Beats, the headphones have a 12-hour battery life and fast charging that can provide an hour-and-a-half of playback off a 10-minute charge. The beats flex review Beats Flex Wireless are colorful budget-friendly in-ears with a neck cable. They have a simple, comfortable, and lightweight design that feels well-built.

beats flex review

EarPods are still available as a standalone purchase for a lower price of $19, but if you’re going to be buying headphones, it’s worth looking at wireless options like Beats Flex. Not only do Beats Flex come with some upgrades, but they also carry a much lower price of just $49.99, representing the most affordable way to get into Apple’s wireless earphone ecosystem. You simply hold a dedicated on/off button for 2 seconds until the light starts slowly blinking. Using Bluetooth 5.0, they provide a very stable Bluetooth range.

But some people just prefer the neckband style and don’t want to fuss with carrying cases or deal with the panic of an AirPod rolling toward a subway grate. The Beats Flex Wireless and the Sony WI-C310 Wireless are similarly performing headphones, and depending on your usage, you may prefer one pair over the other. The Beats are more comfortable, better-built, and have a more stable fit.

JLab’s Epic Air ANC, for instance, can get eight hours of life with ANC on and a huge 12 hours with it off. And that’s before you take into consideration the extra juice in their charging case. Thankfully like the more recent Beats earphones and headphones, the Bass isn’t overpowering and you can get a nice, decent balance but still can feel that Bass. However, the Flex isn’t able to deliver that nice, punchy ‘oomph’ compared to the other Beats earphones I’ve tried.

The Flex’s earpieces magnetically snap together when not in use, making them easy to wear around the neck—and when they snap together, audio pauses automatically to save battery life. Bulkier tips create a tight seal from the outside world. As long as you’re listening to music, you won’t miss beats solo pro wireless the lack of active noise cancelling. Thankfully, they support fast charging and have a USB-C charge connector. Construction appears nicely made but lacks water protection. Also, strain reliefs are usually a weak point of every wired headphone, and the ones on the Flex don’t look reassuring.

But they are neckband buds, which means there’s a band that sits on your neck and cables to the earbuds, not the truly wireless design that’s become popular in the past few years. It’s also disappointing that the earbuds cannot be repaired or have the battery replaced, partly due to the cost of repair being higher than the cost of purchase. The earbuds are light at just 18.6g, which is 7.7g lighter than the Powerbeats, and fairly standard with silicone ear tips of which four sizes are included in the box.

A paperclip you throw in the trash has more metal than one of these earbuds. Just like with the Lightning port on BeatsX, the USB-C port on Beats Flex does not have any sort of cover on it. That leaves the port open to the sweat, rain, and dust, but it doesn’t appear that should be a significant concern and it avoids the awkward port covers seen on many other devices. When it comes time to charge Beats Flex, you’ll need a USB-C cable, which is another change compared to BeatsX that used Lightning.

Throw some First Light by Lindsay Stirling at it and they’re fine and rich. A little classical from Beethoven despite the wildly varying tempos volumes and even cranked up there’s no distortion and the sound is entirely pleasant. Wire-free options also aren’t without their issues; I myself have had trouble with the charging cases on both the base model AirPods and the Pro version.

Apple’s numbers assume you’re at 50% volume, so if you’re a closet metalhead like us, then expect closer to hours. Even on an Android device, you can use the Beats app to pair the headphones and keep an eye on your battery life. The other advantage of the neckband is that it leaves somewhere for controls and buttons to sit. On the right side of the neckband there is another identical sized control section, but this only has the power on/Bluetooth connection button on it. Design is definitely a huge positive as these wireless earphones feature a loop which goes around the back of your head that means you can’t drop or misplace a ‘bud when you pop it out of your ear. Instead, they simply dangle around your neck on the thin cord.