Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Review Moo Review

The longer flat hairs were an issue and the shaver found it hard to pick them up. This is why it seems to work best without too much growth (i.e., less than 3 days). I enjoy wet shaving, however, in terms of closeness I did not notice any difference in closeness.

If you don’t need any of those, the 5018s is probably the one to buy as it’s cheaper than the rest. It just clicks in place of the cassette, but that also means you’ll have to swap them every time. Instead, it comes with Philips Norelco Shaver a separate trimmer that must be manually attached when you need to use it. The new Series 5 50 sticks to the same 3 blade shaving system as before. The Series 5 is where Braun’s Electric shaving line up gets serious.

Braun Series 5

And the results would have been much better also. And I was really thorough with it and spent quite a bit of time doing it. There’s a cutout below the shaving unit covered by two rubber flaps. And that’s a bit odd since all of them are actually compatible with the stations shipped with the 2020 Series 7 and 6 . So it’s overall a quiet razor, although not by any means as quiet as a rotary.

The new shavers are a complete departure from the current Series 5 that we all know. While it does have some minor flaws here and there the Series 5 should be your starting point if you want a fine example of a good foil shave. But achieving the perfect clean took a fair bit of time, more than you will have to spare if you are already running late for work. It is recommended that you clean your Series 5 shaver after each and every use. Holding the Remington Shaver in your hand is a comfortable experience. The shaver is nicely weighted and has a premium feel to it.

To disconnect, turn all controls off, then remove plug from outlet. Do not use an extension cord with this appliance. Lots of consumers have been more than happy with the shaver and had no complaints at all.

The only difference between the two shaving units is that the molding on the Series 5 shaving unit is slightly longer. Because of this, while the Series 7 shaving head will fit the series 5, that of the Series 5 won’t fit the Series 7. Despite this flaw, the trimmer works best for detailing (sideburns, goatees etc.).

When the level indicator blinks red, the cartridge needs to be replaced – about every 4 weeks when used daily. Switch on the shaver and rinse the shaver head under hot running water until all residues have been removed. You may use liquid soap without abrasive substances. Rinse off all foam and let the shaver run for a few more seconds.