Braun Series 5 Electric Shavers for Men

If you can get the 32BT set and the overall price is still decent, I think that would be an even better solution. I personally like the 3040s better than the 5018s. The actual head is slimmer since there’s no foil frame surrounding the cutting elements and it feels more nimble and also glides easier on the skin. The replacement head is also cheaper and easier to find. I’m Ovidiu, the founder and editor of

At all times, hold the shaver at the right angle (90°) to your skin. Upgrade your shaver for more grooming needs. Includes a Beard Trimmer attachment for beard styles from 0.5mm to 7mm.

Braun Series 5

There’s no protective cap, travel case or lubricant included. And in all honesty, the new Series 5 is quite a bit cheaper. I just don’t think that the Series 5 name should be used as it will just cause more confusion. There are also no release buttons/tabs, so you’ll have to pry the cassette off using brute force. Just like I mentioned in the case of the new Series 7, I think it’s a step down in quality and performance from the one used on the old Series 5.

A quick charge of 5 minutes is enough for one shave. Braun Series 5 50-W4650cs wet and dry shaver with charging station and 2 EasyClick attachments, white. HomeBraunShaversSeries 5 ShaversBraun Series 5 50-W4650cs wet and dry shaver with charging station and 2 EasyClick attachments, white.

In the Series 5 50xx, there are three models available at the moment; they are 5018s, 5020s and 5050cs. For Series 5 51xx, there are also three models, which are 5140s, 5145s and 5190cc. The motor does a good job of sensing our skin patterns and adapting accordingly.

The only difference between the two shaving units is that the molding on the Series 5 shaving unit is slightly longer. Because of this, while the Series 7 shaving Remington Shaver head will fit the series 5, that of the Series 5 won’t fit the Series 7. Despite this flaw, the trimmer works best for detailing (sideburns, goatees etc.).

Depending on the beard length, the 5190cc dishes out an appropriate treatment. I get a “Close” shave with it (yes, even with a dense “4-day” beard). It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Braun and its products. However, there’s no hiding the fact that the rubber grip will eventually show some remnants of smudges and signs of our fingertips. With regular maintenance, this small inconvenience can be easily dealt with.

The new shavers are a complete departure from the current Series 5 that we all know. While it does have some minor flaws here and there the Series 5 should be your starting point if you want a fine example of a good foil shave. But achieving the perfect clean took a fair bit of time, more than you will have to spare if you are already running late for work. It is recommended that you clean your Series 5 shaver after each and every use. Holding the in your hand is a comfortable experience. The shaver is nicely weighted and has a premium feel to it.