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Castrol GTX

A Take 5 technician will help you identify the correct viscosity based on your vehicle’s manufacturer requirements and individual needs. 2008 was a subpar season for Force who finished 7th, out of the top five for the first time since early in his career. Should the engine backfire at any time during a race, the fuel pump is automatically shut down, and the parachutes are deployed. The idea was to either minimize or eliminate the circumstances that led to Kalitta’s death. This safety device became mandatory and was put into place at the start of the 2009 season. Also, a brake handle that, instead of needing to be pulled back toward the driver, was set up to be pushed away from the driver was made an optional setting for the Funny Car division.

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This webpage provides an analysis on the brand detailed below. Valvoline full synthetic high mileage bob is the oil guy. Although Chuck Etchells had beaten Force to the five-second barrier October 1, 1993, with a 4.987 at Topeka, Etchells failed to make a subsequent pass within one percent of that time at the event, which is required to set an official record. With daughter Ashley, first father/daughter pair to compete against each other, during the first round of the NHRA Southern Nationals in Atlanta in 2008, which saw Ashley win. He gained his first win of the season at the 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte, NC.

Castrol GTX 5W-30 MP is an engine oil which is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA C3, API SN/CF 5W-30 lubricant. S liquid engineering that protects against problems, like sludge that your engines faces every day. Severe driving conditions such as heavy traffic, poor fuel quality, harsh weather conditions and exceeding oil change intervals can all cause the build up of a thick, tar-like substance called sludge. T see this sludge build-up but it can damage your engine? Castrol® GTX® is a premium conventional motor oil that has been helping to extend engine life for over 50 years.