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Whether shop here at Albe’s BMX or at , we’re just stoked to help get these beauties to hardcore ‘Goose fans anywhere in the world. Mongoose have been making affordable and quality BMX bikes since 1975. Made for riders, Mongoose is one BMX brand huffy mountain bike you can always trust for the best Bikes. We have established this site because we have become aware of the many other loyal Vintage Mongoose owners and former owners throughout the world who want information about their Vintage Mongoose bikes.

Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. △ The tire producer/manufacturer of the tires you are buying is responsible for the recycling fee you are being charged. The tire producer/manufacturer uses this fee to pay for the collection, transportation and processing of used tires. Evoc’s Bike Travel Bag Pro is what the German brand refers to as their “high-end” solution for bike transport. It’s a soft/hard-sided hybrid case with multiple integrated bells and whistles designed to keep bikes safe and secure in transit.

Entry-level Mongoose bikes are manufactured on contract in China. Bikes for professional and expert riders are produced in Taiwan and other Asian countries. BMX bikes have varying frame sizes with different top tube lengths to enable riders of various heights to enjoy BMXing. Mongoose bikes have top tube lengths up to 21.77 inches. Custom-built Mongoose bikes might have longer top tubes.

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Rezduro is organized by Diné on Diné lands. Mongoose bikes cater to riders of all ages and capabilities, including the world’s leading professional riders. s have gained fame for their high-quality construction, simplicity, durability, and reliability. With their excellent handling and ease of repair, these bikes are a straight hit for both professional and casual riders. Since Mongoose only offered these bikes in the continental USA they have been working hard to find a way for people in Canada, Alaska/Hawaii, Mexico, UK, ect, to get their hands on them and that’s where we come in. Obviously, the cost to ship to these states/countries isn’t cheap, but these bikes are affordably priced even with the cost to ship to these locations.

During this time, Mongoose BMX founder, Hess, introduced the Motomag – a cast-magnesium bike wheel with a revolutionary design. He supplied a BMX race team with it to prove the wheel’s abilities. Mongoose has been running for a pretty long time, serving the professional and recreational biking community. Some of its bikes are high-end mongoose bmx bike while a majority are entry-level but they generally have bikes for all riders. Skip Hess, the founder of Mongoose, saw a gap in the quality of bikes required to handle the demands and abuse that stemmed from proper BMX riding. And he acted by designing and manufacturing BMX bikes with sturdy frames and improved components.