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Not all devices have this option, but if you can adjust the temperature, ideal vaping temps are between 350°F/160°C and 400°F/200°C for cannabis flower. The main advantage of vaporizers is the relatively low temperatures that they operate at. This makes them more efficient because heating at a lower temperature ensures that a higher concentration of your chosen herb is activated and entering your body. It is important to understand that vaporizers are in their infancy.

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Convection vaporizers, on the other hand, use the transfer of heat — think of it like cooking something in the oven — to heat up the cannabis. Instead of directly heating the weed, heating elements in convection vaporizers heat the air, which is forced around and through the herb. Convection vaporizers tend to be more expensive and less portable than their conduction counterparts but provide better vapor quality and flavor along with even heating. With 10+ years glass pipes of experience in the dry herb vaporizer industry, our goal is to provide you with top rated vapes only – and make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. Almost all vaporizers have chambers for plant material and are therefore suitable for cannabis in its unprocessed form. To vaporize Dabs, some manufacturers offer liquid pads, which are round sheets of steel wool that prevent oil or wax from destroying the heating coil or clogging the airways.

Boasting powerful and consistent performance, it’ll be hard to find another vaporizer that offers this quality of vapor at this price point. Vaping has become all the rage in recent years – and in terms of cannabis use – it’s easy to see why. Want to buy a vape pen or a vaporizer but still not sure how vaping cannabis works or just want to learn more?

These bongs also filter out more tar and other harmful substances from the smoke.Percolator bongsare also very popular. A good example with great value for money is our’Black Leaf’ Straight Ice Bong with 4-Arm Percolator. Both a bong and a vaporizer are usually used for consuming pure herbs, without mixing tobacco, so that doesn’t make a difference.

Save products on your wishlist to buy them later or share with your friends. To make it easier for our customers to find the best models for them, we provide the option of filtering products. Our assortment includes devices from such well-known and respected brands as, vaporizers bongs for example, Storz & Bickel, ARIZER, Boundless, Da Vinci, Pax or DynaVap. Each product presented on our website is also available in our stationary store. We have a large selection of bongs in various sizes and designs, everyone will find something for themselves.

If dry herb is more your thing, then the Ice Cream vaporizer is a discreet, compact vape pen that you can enjoy anywhere. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase our products. With the number of states legalizing cannabis increasing — and the number of medical marijuana patients going up — it’s never been easier to access the healing properties of cannabis. Even better, vaporizing weed can get you higher while using less product.

The ergonomic design of the Focus V CARTA includes a fully customizable removable glass top, making it even easier to pack up and hit the road. Rounded out by haptic feedback that keeps you aware of your vape rig’s status, CARTA from Focus V is the high point of portable dabbing. In addition, our smoking store also offers tissue paper, grinders, bongs, herbs, CBD oils and other articles. The offer of the Vaporshop online store is the best quality bongs , coming from proven and respected producers. The last thing you want to happen is your bong tipping over from the weight of your vape. You’re not playing with fire, but you’re playing with water and glass, so you still need to exercise some caution.