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If you prefer to hold it in your hand, always keep it upright to prevent any water from spilling out and make sure your bong isn’t wet so you can grip it firmly and not worry about it slipping. A good way to prevent this from happening is to grip the bong firmly with your dominant hand while supporting your vape in the other hand. Our mascot Bulldog Boo is your guide to shopping for things like cool bongs and pipes. He’ll even help you learn how to use them — he’s one helpful pup. If you need a little know-how on anything from 420-themed party planning, or even using your vaporizers’ smartphone app, you can find everything you need to know on the #DopeBoo blog.

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Therefore, there is a good chance that their popularity will grow in the years to come. Still, the higher price tag will convince a lot of people to stick with conventional bongs. Both are great for smoking herb but many people water pipes will be eager to save money. If you fit into this category, you’ll want to stick with a bong. It might not be as smooth as the vaporizer but you’ll end up saving money. Modern vaporizers work by applying heat to a liquid.

Receive our latest updates about our products and promotions. When it comes to vaping cannabis, the vaporization of cannabinoids , begins to occur around 284°F/140°C . Vaporizing cannabis is a pretty straightforward process and the tools used to consume bud or extracts in this way are simple, too. It all goes back to some of the basics we learned in high-school chemistry class. Come to the table with knowledge and feel confident when you buy a vaporizer online at the World of Bongs.

5 min 4 October, 2021 How To Clean Your Vaporizer Cleaning your vaporizer regularly allows the device to perform just like it did on the first day you bought it. Find out why and how to clean various types of vaporizers, including dry herb vapes,… The Connect replaces the need for the conventional bong banger and will simply slot in place. You can also forget about using a torch as this vaporizer reaches some impressive temperatures that are perfect for your concentrates. With an adapter that comes ready to use straight from the box, you’ll be getting the smoothest clouds in no time at all.

Have you looked at some of the bong available today? These things range from your traditional beakers to huge, 3-foot designs. Stoner must know which devices are suitable for the evaporation of which material.