The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Pressure Washer Our Detailed Review

Even the washer hose and the electric cord have holders to hang on. Sometimes electric pressure washers produce a pulsating pressure. This means that the pressure frequently changes between high and low. There can also be a problem with a damaged inlet, manifold, or pump valve that causes a pulsing pressure.

sun joe spx 3000

Another quibble is the length of the extension wand, which, at 34 inches, is a few inches smaller than competing washers. It’s a noticeable difference, especially when you are reaching to clean the side of the house. Plan on having a ladder handy for tough-to-reach spots. We used it to clean our porch furniture, some white picket fencing, siding, and a grill we left outside all winter. The grill was caked with grime and grease, and the Sun Joe cut through it with ease. Because it isn’t overly powerful, the Sun Joe removed the superficial dirt from our porch furniture and siding without damaging it.

It claimed to have 1500 psi (that’s pounds per square inch by the way). Perhaps it did, but quite honestly, I know my garden hose has a better effect on cleaning. These pressure washers also come with a full two year warranty. While this is great, keep in mind that folks usually only use their pressure washer a couple of times per year. Make sure to get as much use out of it as possible for the two years are up in case anything is going to go wrong.

One of its main drawbacks though is how long it takes to put together, but since you’ll only need to do that once, it’s a small price to pay. In terms of accessories, the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer has a 20 foot pressure hose, a clean-out tool, as well as five spray tips that easily connect to the end of the hose. The Sun Joe Champion Power Equipment Pressure Washer is about the size of a household vacuum cleaner. I assembled it in about 20 minutes with just a screwdriver. I was especially impressed that the unit has a very long 35-foot power cord. I had just assumed I would need an extension cord to use this in the backyard, but the built in power cord was more than enough.

Not all pressure washers are built alike—some are powered by gas, while others use electricity. We tested this electrical power washer to see how it handled our outdoor cleaning tasks. An electric Champion Power Equipment pressure washer plugs into a power outlet like any other electric appliance. Generally speaking, electric pressure washers are quieter, smaller and lighter than gas pressure washers.

Most other brands will cover the motor and pump but most other parts are not covered. A soap nozzle, sometimes called a detergent nozzle, allows the pressure washer to dispense soap or detergent under low pressure. Most electric models are light and use solid-plastic wheels appropriate for that application.

Disconnect the burned capacitor’s legs from the wires of the motor, and install a new one. If you are unsure how to do this, ask a professional for help. To easiest method to check this is using a replacement nozzle.