Sun Joe SPX3000 vs SPX3001: What is the difference? TLR

You can check the water pressure with a pressure gauge. And the amount of water by filling a bucket with the hose. If your machine does not do anything, Champion Power Equipment the first step is to check the power cord for any wear and tear. Also, ensure that the AC outlet is providing enough voltage to operate the machine.

You should engage the lock when changing nozzles or really at any time that you aren’t actively using the spray wand. You should also be careful to keep the power cord out of the water as you’re working. Plug the power cord directly into a grounded outlet or into an extension cord that is no longer than 25 feet. The unit’s power cord is 35 feet long so with an extension cord you can have up to a 60-foot range for the pressure washer, and the 25-foot hose gives you even greater reach. Most pressure washers come with four nozzles, but the SPX3000 comes with five.

The large dial lets you specify which tank and how much liquid to dispense. It’s important to note that SPX3000 has a downstream injector meaning chemicals don’t pass through the pump . I just bought the SPX3500 to take care of some more stubborn driveway cleaning chores that my SPX3000 couldn’t. Imagine my surprise when the 3500 would barely power the 13″ pressure washer surface cleaner my 3000 model would. The pressure coming out the other end would barely take the mildew off the drive let alone the grime. To ensure that your electric pressure washer has a long life, you’ll want to perform regular maintenance and cleaning procedures as outlined in the user manual.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is an outstanding pressure washer—as long as you go into it with reasonable expectations. This puts the model squarely in the medium-duty range, making it perfect for small jobs, whether outdoor furniture or vehicles like cars and bikes. You can even do driveways, decks, and patios if they are small. With all of this said, if you have bigger jobs or think you will be cleaning more frequently we highly recommend moving up to a gas pressure washer. We like everything about the SPX3000 except the cord storage. You can see in the picture below that there is one plastic hook integrated into the side of the pressure washer.

sun joe spx 3000

Gas-powered models typically have larger wheels that are solid or have pneumatic-rubber tires. Pneumatic tires can provide extra shock absorption, though they also lose air over time. The trigger handle is lightweight, easy to control, and didn’t make my hand ache.