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Simply give it a sacred space in your grooming cabinet, and see how it proves to be an investment that bears charming returns in the long run. If the electric shavers have any advanced features, such as an additional trimmer or quick charging, we’ll try these out to test if they work and if they’re worth the extra money they no doubt command. We’ll usually spend a week or longer testing new electric shavers, and the review process is fairly straightforward – we use them to shave our faces. This helps us see how closely they are capable of shaving, and how easy they are to use and achieve our desired style.

When reading the second number on a Braun razor model you’re going to be looking at the generation. The difference between a Series 93xx vs. a Series 94xx is the year the generation was released. A Series 94xx is currently the latest generation and was released in 2021. The same is true for the Series 83xx compared to the 84xx; the 84xx is the latest 2021 generation. For starters, the Braun Series numbers are like the different types of performance levels. A Series 7 has less specs than a Series 8, and the Series 9 has better specs and features over both of the two.

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While the Series 7 is powerful enough for most shaving situations, Braun’s Series 9 is the top-performing shaver we’ve tried that we find worth the additional expense—at least for certain situations. If you have particularly curly or coarse hair, or if you wish to shave less frequently but achieve the same level of closeness, this may be the shaver for you. The most obvious difference Braun Series 5 that sets the Series 7 apart from other Braun models is the flexibility of the shaving block at the top. The Series 5 remains fixed, the Series 6 pivots up and down, and the Series 7 pivots up and down and left and right, keeping the cutting block in contact with facial curves more of the time. In addition, we weighed each model and measured the noise of each razor during operation.

No matter what I did, and no matter what product I tried, I couldn’t seem to get rid of them. We tried Philips Norelco’s lower-end rotary models but determined that the brand’s 9000 series performed better, and it was so closely priced that it was a better buy for most people. In our experience, the 4000-series razor didn’t shave closely enough to be worth their bargain prices. However, one member of our test panel has been using a 4000-series model for years, and they still love it, even after trying much more expensive models. The Remington offers generally good performance, but you’ll likely find the shaving experience to be buzzier and potentially more irritating if you don’t maintain a very light touch. All Braun Series 7 models give consistently close, comfortable shaves.The 7071cc comes with the accessories we think most people want or need, including a cleaning system and carrying case.

Cord v/s Cordless – Usually, both these setups are quite convenient. Cordless electric shavers are easier to use, but you need to charge the battery depending on the frequency of usage. At the same time, a corded electric shaver may turn out to be controlling Remington Shaver your mobility. Braun Series 7 has got some really impressive features as well. It has a 7 foil shaver which gives you a close shave without multiple strokes. And if that’s not enough, Braun takes care of your sideburns with the help of a pop-up trimmer.