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To ensure that every session goes smoothly we have an array of accessories that can bring your sessions to the next level and elevate any experience. All our hand-blown works of art are created in-house by skilled craftsmen. We have a growing range of dry herb vaporizers, vape pens, and electronic vaporizers for a more portable smoking experience if you want to vape on the go. For on-the-go dabbing, check out the industry-leading Lookah Seahorse Pro vape pen with its award-winning patented technology.

This could potentially ruin your flower or even worse, your device. If you’re using a desktop vape, you’ll need an attachment compatible with your whip, bag or both. The Arizer Extreme Q is a great example because the whip already utilizes an 18 mm male connector, which fits perfectly inside an 18 mm female joint. If you prefer using the bag method, you’ll want an adapter that can accommodate the slim mouthpiece on your bag.

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Some are more versatile and will also allow you to use them with the less common male joint sizes. Another tip to consider when buying a bong is the angle at which the adapter sits. A lot of bongs tend to have the downstem sitting at an angle, which is not ideal, especially for portables. You might be able to get away with it with whips, bags or vape pens. But typically, you’re better off with a bong that’s built more like a dab rig rather than the more typical beaker-style ones.

We created the Plain Jane because we’re over the easy to break, hard to clean, and clogged up bongs with outdated colours and designs. Your Focus V CARTA Kit includes 2 buckets for your atomizer; one fashioned from quartz and the other from titanium. glass pipes Both vape buckets can achieve higher levels of heat than the majority of competitors. The quartz bucket is perfect for quick heating and delicious hits whereas the titanium bucket holds heat longer and is rugged enough to take some abuse.

This will allow you to control the amount of cannabinoids you intake, and it allows you to pace the consumption not to overheat the cannabis concentrate or oil. Read the manual.First and foremost, if you want to know how to get the best experience from your vaporizer and keep its lifespan to the fullest, read the material that comes glass pipes with it. When it begins to give off a foul taste and does not produce the same amount of vapor – it’s time to add a new dab. Most vaporizers need a certain amount of time to heat up first to be correctly used. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision when buying the right vaporizer online.