Apple Discontinues Powerbeats, Beats Solo Pro, and Beats EP

When you take the headphones out, turning them on is as simple as unfolding them. If you tend to wear headphones around your neck sometimes like I do, these will automatically conserve power whenever music or other audio isn’t playing. Unfortunately, the Solo Pros don’t automatically pause music when you remove them or pull away a single ear cup, and that’s one feature I really wish they had. In November 2021, Beats discontinued the Beats Solo Pro, which is a shame since it was the best noise cancelling Beats headset to date. If you can find it on promotion from an outlet vendor, the Solo Pro is worth buying. Listeners who can pardon the microphone quality, expense, and comfort, will find the Beats Solo Pro an easy-to-love pair of daily headphones.

Both headphones have soft storage covers, and you may compress them into a much more manageable configuration. However, their soft covers aren’t as durable as hard cases. It’s frustrating that even the most expensive Solo Pro doesn’t come with a protective case.

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Pressure from the headband makes the headphones uncomfortable after an hour of listening. When I’m wearing Solo Pro, it feels like my head is in a vice, or like the headphones are bookends to my head. I love the design, with the sliding headband over the metal structure, and the clean lines and logo. Producer Hive is a music production blog that houses unbiased gear reviews and in-depth guides and tutorials. The Beats Solo Pro headphones outperform the Studio 3 headphones in terms of bass strength and response.

No excessive clamps or wires are protruding from the headphones, which inevitably adds to their durability. The Beats Solo Pro headphones are constructed using a combination of soft and harder plastic parts. The Studio 3 headphones are also 30 percent lighter than the Beats Pro 3. We’ve put together a brief comparison study to show the major differences between the Beats Solo Pro and Studio 3 headphones.

Furthermore, there is an app you can download that controls the same functions. This means you can develop playlists and control every function right from your smartphone. Wearable wireless audio accessories are all the rage these days. The ability to quickly and easily connect to your mobile device makes listening to music a whole lot more enjoyable.

That said, some of this is beneficial, especially for listeners who still want the option to enjoy wired audio; the 3.5mm input makes up for the microUSB charging port. These parts will only fit your beats solo pro wireless and are not compatible with any other model of Beats headphones. With the large number of quality earbuds and headphones currently on the market, making the right choice can be difficult. The ergonomic fit is too tight for wearing glasses with these headphones. Furthermore, the same Siri voice commands can engage or disengage the Active Noise Cancelling, as is the case with the Transparency Mode. As a result, using these headphones with an iOS device means near total hands-free operations.

Even if the earpads aid in the overall result, there’s no denying this is an above-average ANC experience. Turning the ANC on can sometimes change the sound signature. Here, there’s the slightest change in bass response, but it’s not at all obvious, so there are no issues on that front. A handsome zip-up soft-shell case houses the headphones when they’re folded up, and Beats includes a carabiner that can attach to a loop on the exterior. Other than the included charging cable, these are the only accessories.

The concealed hinges maintain a streamlined design, and the headband extension mechanism is nearly undetectable. Limited degrees of rotation is allowed in every direction. This design is meant to increase comfort by allowing the ear cups to rest along with the natural angle of your ears. Yet, it can’t negate the immense pressure placed on the head. After an hour of listening, it felt like I was removing an expensive clamp, rather than a pair of headphones.

And if I just wanted to sit in quiet repose, it was just a few decibels above whisper quiet and it felt like I was watching the world on mute. At home, I managed to get my Note 8’s volume down to around 30% before I could slightly hear the television. And when I muted everything, the Bose’s dedicated six microphones reduced everything to a barely there peep. At home, I put the volume on my LG’s 55-inch E8-Series TV at 31 and lowered the volume on my phone to test the ANC. I got the volume down on my music to about 40 before I could hear anything from the television. And when I muted both the TV and the music, there was just silence — at least until the high-pitched chirp from my hard-wired smoke detector kicked in.