Weber Genesis ii e-310 Review is This Premium Gas Grill Right for You?

It is often chosen by the type of person who cooks on a professional level or commercially and wants to get a certain stand. Therefore he/she is not afraid to spend a certain amount on the grill. Gas grills are often favored because they are clean and easy to use.

Weber sells its own line of thermometers, the current iteration being the iGrill 3. The Genesis II E-310 is iGrill 3-ready, featuring a mounting point for the app-driven, multi-probe thermometer. But, this grill does all that with high-end parts, engineering, and construction. This means you get precision control over your ‘cue and elevated performance. The Weber Genesis II E-310 Outdoor Gas Grill promises a superior grilling experience compared to many of its competitors.

Such grates are also usually more difficult to clean than other surfaces. This generally means that the grill comes with a dedicated rotisserie burner; the motor and spit are usually purchased separately. A dedicated rotisserie burner is usually located on the back of the firebox, slightly above the cooking grates; some models use the grill’s main burner.

The Char-Broil SmartChef, by comparison, has three gas burners as well, but they provide less oomph at just 25,000 BTU apiece. You do get a small side burner with Char-Broil’s SmartChef grill, a feature Weber includes on various grills across its product lines, but not on this one. The Genesis II E-310 is an upgrade from your average gas grill and tops our list of the best propane grills roundup. It’s an ideal replacement grill or step-up for someone looking to expand their grilling options. I’m liking the look of the twin stainless steel side shelves, too as it feels like something from a professional kitchen.

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Still, the grill isn’t exactly what we’d call portable, as it doesn’t break down to fit into the back of a car for tailgating. A metal rack inside the grill acts as a warming rack, which we found perfect for warming buns for our burgers or weber q to keep sausages warm while we grilled peppers and onions. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between.

The two-tone gray exterior with that enameled black lid definitely looks the part of a premium grill. If it could talk, it would say, “Well, hello there,” where many grills are saying, “Wazzup! ” The bottom line — it looks like a barbecue for a serious griller. The Genesis is one of Weber’s premium lines of grills, well-built, feature-rich, and made for those who want the very best and are willing to pay for it. Find out in our review where we put it through its paces and compare it to the rest of the field. Some of these features come with marked improvements to longevity, performance and overall ease of use over previous Genesis series models.

Furthermore, the porcelain enamel grates and flavorizer bars of the II series are warrantied for 5 years. On stainless steel versions of grates and flavorizer bars on II SE and II LX series you will get weber genesis 2 the 10 year warranty. Digging deeper, gone are the old tube burners, replaced by tapered shape stainless steel burners with heat deflectors that should provide even heat across the entire cooking space.

The new infinity igniters that come with a 10 year warranty promises to take care of those lighting up hassles almost for good. Michael is the President of Angry BBQ and self proclaimed Pitmaster. He is always striving to make his brisket better than the last. If he’s not tweaking a rub, buying a different smoker or researching online you’ll find him playing guitar or tinkering in the garage. Michael continues his culinary education by reading the latest BBQ books from masters such as Myron Mixon, Meathead Goldwyn and completing Master Class courses. Michael is a graduate of the Electronics Technology program from Saskatchewan Polytechnic which aids in the review of electrically assisted Grilling and Smoking equipment.

This grill’s burners go to 11, but that’s still not high enough. 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app. Find a spot to place it in that you are happy with and stick with it. They do well with heat retention but not for portability issues.

I inserted one of the iGrill probes into the center, front patty. I closed the hood, and gave the burgers a flip after 6 minutes. With the lid closed again, I recorded how long it took the internal burger temp to hit 145 degrees.