Electric Shavers Suite for Men: Compare Types Philips Norelco

Norelco is the American brand name for electric shavers and other personal care products made by the Consumer Lifestyle division of Philips. A major complaint leveled at this shaver is that the blades dull quickly. Very often, this “dullness” is due to hair, skin and soap build up coating the blades. Philips claims the Lithium-ion battery of the 9300 and 9700 shavers offers 50 minutes of shaving after a 1 hour charge. I found this claim to be fairly accurate, getting between minutes of use before needing to recharge.

Before booking an appointment for an expensive teeth bleaching treatment, give Colgate’s Optic White Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen a go. Use this pen’s precision brush to apply the whitening treatment before sleeping — and then from there, you wake up, brush your teeth, and enjoy a noticeably brighter smile after one week of use. The brand claims to remove fifteen years of stains in one week, so it’s worth a try before dishing out a copay at the dentist. You can also snag a discounted pack of Crest White Strips during Prime Day to round out your teeth-whitening routine.

A full recharge is actually comparatively slow at three hours, but obviously the idea is that you leave charging pad and razor out. This way it’s always ready for action, and also any house guests can see that you own the World’s Best and Most Expensive Razor. My face was left with some redness that faded within an hour Remington Shaver or so. It wasn’t a huge deal for me, but I could see how that would really irk someone’s nerves. Especially if they shaved right before a date or business meeting. Rather than it being an innovative design that will positively change the future of razors, I think it’s an oddball design that doesn’t work very well.

Philips Norelco Shaver

We tested three of these close-shaving razors, and the Bevel Safety Razor was easily the best of the group. It didn’t feel quite as close as the two Merkurs we tried, but it was much easier to handle and move across our face. Polish off a fresh trim by massaging a couple of drops of the cedar-scented Cremo Beard Oil into your beard. This moisture-restoring oil conditions facial hair and reduces itchiness, plus, it leaves behind a fresh, forest-like smell.

They usually work well, but can sometimes be bulky and take up lots of counter space. Or use wet with foam or gel for a refreshing, comfortable shave. Remington foils are more brittle compared to the rest, at least that was my experience with them for the past 20 years or so.

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