Get Your Knives Out With 56% Off This 12-Piece Cuisinart Knife Set

These forged well-balanced knives aren’t as heavy as the Wusthof’s, which will make them more comfortable for some cooks. The only time the light weight is a bit of a disadvantage is when it comes to hacking through an acorn squash or a chicken leg. Favorite knife sharpeners here as well as one sharpener a Food Network staffer swears by. Through October 12th, you can get awesome deals on select Cuisinart Knife Sets. As an example this Cuisinart Ceramic Coated 10-Piece Knife Set is going for $14.99, down from the regular $40. They’re part of Macy’s two day Holiday Early Access Sale.

We used the santoku knife to chop onions, celery, carrots, and mushrooms for a stir-fry. The serrated knife came in handy for slicing through the skin on cherry tomatoes from our backyard garden for a salad. It’s also great for slicing chewy loaves of bread, rolls, and bagels. We don’t often reach for the curved paring knife but we found its shape was ideal for deseeding small bell peppers and jalapeno peppers.

A Cuisinart knife set is an asset to any kitchen or prep space. While all Cuisinart knives are high-quality, professional options, there are a few different considerations when choosing the best set for your needs. Light-weight Cuisinart ceramic knives, meanwhile, feature ultra-sharp blades for situations that require a little more delicacy, such as slicing tomatoes. Next, consider the number of knives you prefer for your set. For most home chefs, a Cuisinart 10- or 12-piece knife set will suffice, but 15- and 19-piece cutlery sets include every kind of knife a culinary master might need. Not only do Cuisinart colored knives complement colorful kitchen accessories, the color-coding helps you select the best knife for the task at a glance.

Remember to sharpen your knives regularly for the best results. Damascus knives are made with pattern welded steel. Some also have other metals mixed in with the steel, like nickel and cobalt. Look for the DWYM seal for Cookware Sets products that are the best in the category. I’ve had mine for quite some time and haven’t sharpened them yet but they are starting to go dull. I find that they have a good grip and are less slippery than other knives.

To keep your Cuisinart knives at their sharpest, hand wash each one and use a Cuisinart knife sharpener periodically to hone the blades. The chef’s knife is the most versatile tool in our knife block sets, with its broad and sharp blade. It’s perfect for everything from chopping vegetables to slicing herbs. Our utility knives, known as the “sandwich knife,” also make light work out of cutting baguettes.

This Cuisinart Cutlery Set is a great starter set for the home chef. The 16-piece set includes everything you need for slicing, dicing and mincing tasks, along with eight steak knives. Carve, slice, pare and serve with Cuisinart knives.

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The stainless steel construction of these knives gives them a sleek, stylish, and contemporary aesthetic. The handles are made from brushed stainless steel. We weren’t sure if they’d feel slippery in our hands, but we were pleasantly gotham steel cookware sets surprised that the ergonomic design makes them easy to grip. We also expected them to feel hefty since they’re made entirely of metal, but as the name suggests, the handles are hollow so the knives don’t feel too heavy.

It’s got all the basic knives you could ask for to complete most kitchen prep tasks. Improve Your Cooking Prep Skills This cutlery set allows home chefs to hone their culinary skills. Because the knives are crafted from high-carbon stainless steel with a fine edge, they offer precision and ease Cookware Sets of use. The handles are triple-riveted and an extra-wide safety bolster provides stability and control. Using these well-made knives allows cooks to improve their chopping, dicing and slicing techniques, with help from the balanced construction that ensures a proper grip and good control.

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